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Processing and shelf life issues of selected food packaging materials and structures from renewable resources
Use of polymers from renewable sources for food packaging applications is steadily growing. However, as compared to thermoplastic synthetic polymers, they present problems when processed withExpand
Nanochemical fabrication of a graphene oxide-based nanohybrid for label-free optical sensing with fiber optics
Abstract In this article, we report our latest research results concerning the possibility to develop a chemical probe sensor based on reduced graphene oxide. In particular, a layered nanohybridExpand
Assessing the suitability of polylactic acid flexible films for high pressure pasteurization and sterilization of packaged foodstuff
Abstract Effects of high pressure (HP) pasteurization and sterilization processes on the properties of commercial biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA), used as packaging material, have beenExpand
Thermodynamics of water sorption in poly(ɛ-caprolactone): A comparative analysis of lattice fluid models including hydrogen bond contributions
Abstract Thermodynamics of water sorption in poly(ɛ-caprolactone) (PCL) has been interpreted by using three models based on compressible lattice fluid theories, addressing the issue of self- andExpand
Semicrystalline proton-conductive membranes with sulfonated amorphous phases
Abstract Proton-conductive membranes, exhibiting high chemical and thermomechanical resistance, have been obtained by s-PS films with the β crystalline phase and a sulfonated amorphous phase. TheseExpand
Graphene oxide-based nanohybrid for label-free optical sensing
In this study we report on optical sensor, based on the sorption properties of graphene film reduced on the tip of a standard single mode optical fiber. Reflectance measurements will be carried outExpand
Ultrasensitive biosensor based on long period grating coated with polycarbonate-graphene oxide multilayer
Abstract In this work, we report about an ultrasensitive fiber optic biosensor realized using a single-ended Long Period Grating (LPG). The LPG working point is tuned in the highest sensitivityExpand
Self-Assembled Colloidal Photonic Crystal on the Fiber Optic Tip as a Sensing Probe
This paper presents an effective and efficient method to fabricate novel fiber optic sensing probes. The new, simple, and low cost approach is based on a 3-D photonic crystal dielectric structureExpand
Fabrication of 2D sub-micron structures in lithium niobate for photonic crystal applications
We report on the fabrication and characterization of the first periodic sub-micron scale one- and two-dimensional surface structures in congruent 500 μm thick lithium niobate crystal samples.Expand
Radiation hard humidity sensors based on polyimide-coated fiber Bragg gratings
We report on a feasibility analysis for the development of fiber optic humidity sensors to be applied in high-energy physics applications and in particular in experiments actually running at theExpand