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This research sought to study the growth, yield, yield components, seed quality, including nutrient and heavy metal content of soybean cultivar Chiang Mai 60 (CM. 60) by using sewage sludge from
Layer chicken parent stock pelleted litter as fertilizer in soybean production
1The Graduate Program in Environmental Management, School of Social and Envmtl Dvlpmt National Institute of Development Administration Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand 2Chiang Mai Field Crops Research
Effects of pelleting on fertilizer quality of quail litter
A need to improve the pelleting process by minimizing variability in pH, total N, ammonium N, nitrate N and total P is highlighted.
Evaluation of the nutritive values of quail litter for ruminants after pelleting
The aim of this work was to study the nutritional value of pelleted meat quail litter (PMQL) and pelleted layer quail litter (PLQL). Both types of litter were pelleted, and the nutritive values were
An Assessment of Primary Immunization and Factors Affecting Coverage – A Study on Hospitalised Children in Meghalaya
Factors contributing in increasing full primary vaccination coverage in present study were closer distance of nearest health centre, matured maternal age group (20 to 35 years), educated mother, skilled mother, having good knowledge of vaccine, a smaller number of children with smaller family size, delivered in hospital, good socio-economic status, residing in urban area.
Study on Optimal Fermentation and Storage Time of Soybean Food (Thua-Nao) in Thailand
The soybean cultivar Tadang Muangpai was used to improve the productive quality of Thua-Nao and reduce the concentration of aflatoxin to less than 20 ppb and the results showed that 3 days of soybean fermentation gave the best performance of Thuanasao in terms of nutritional value, food value, and content of Bacillus spp.
Sporadic heath camps for children: Are we reaching the unreached?