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Atlas of Marine Invertebrate Larvae
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Larval Planktotrophy—A Primitive Trait in the Bilateria?
The concept of Gosta Jagersten of a primary biphasic metazoan life-cycle, consisting of a planktotrophic larva and a benthic adult, forms the basis for several theories on metazoan phylogeny. In thisExpand
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Staging and induction of medusa metamorphosis in Carybdea marsupialis (Cnidaria, Cubozoa)
Le cycle de vie d'un Cubozoaire est caracterise par la transformation d'un polype benthique solitaire en une meduse pelagique. Nous avons etudie la dynamique morphogenetique de cette metamorphoseExpand
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The Vetigastropoda and the systematics of streptoneurous Gastropoda (Mollusca)
The status of the Vetigastropoda, created 1980 to unite zeugobranch and trochoid archaeo-gastropods, is reconsidered and confirmed in the light of recent investigations. The most importantExpand
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Photoreception and the Polyphyletic Evolution of Photoreceptors (with Special Reference to Mollusca)*
Abstract: The general expression of the transcription factor gene Pax-6 homologues and the overall presence of the photopigment opsin have cast doubt on the polyphyletic evolution of photoreceptors.Expand
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