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Antifungal activity of the clove essential oil from Syzygium aromaticum on Candida, Aspergillus and dermatophyte species.
The composition and antifungal activity of clove essential oil (EO), obtained from Syzygium aromaticum, were studied. Clove oil was obtained commercially and analysed by GC and GC-MS. The EO analysedExpand
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Antifungal activity of the essential oil of Thymus pulegioides on Candida, Aspergillus and dermatophyte species.
The composition of the essential oil of Thymus pulegioides and its antifungal activity on Candida, Aspergillus and dermatophyte fungal strains were studied. Essential oil from the aerial parts of theExpand
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Industrial Crops and Products
a b s t r a c t As part of our ongoing study on the valorization of aromatic plants, the present study was designed to elucidate the composition, scavenging potential, anti-inflammatory activity andExpand
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Composition and variability of the essential oils of Thymus species from section Mastichina from Portugal
The composition and chemical polymorphism of the essential oils of several populations of Thymus mastichina subsp. mastichina, T. mastichina subsp. donyanae and T. albicans, which belong to theExpand
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In vitro susceptibility of some species of yeasts and filamentous fungi to essential oils of Salvia officinalis
Abstract Composition and antifungal activity of Salvia officinalis essential oil were studied. Three samples of essential oils obtained by hydrodistillation from aerial parts of plants grown inExpand
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Antifungal and anti-inflammatory potential of Lavandula stoechas and Thymus herba-barona essential oils
Abstract Lavandula L. and Thymus L. comprise several relevant species for the food, cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical industries. Considering the traditional medicinal use of L. stoechas and T.Expand
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Chemical variability of Juniperus oxycedrus ssp. oxycedrus berry and leaf oils from Corsica, analysed by combination of GC, GC-MS and 13C-NMR
The composition of 27 samples of berry oil and 54 samples of leaf oil of Juniperus oxycedrus ssp. oxycedrus from Corsica was investigated by GC, GC–MS and 13C-NMR. The main constituents were terpeneExpand
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Essential oils from four Piper species
Abstract The essential oils from Piper capense , P. nigrum , P. guineense and P. umbellatum from S. Tome e Principe were investigated for the first time. They were analysed by GC, GC-massExpand
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Analysis of Juniperus communis subsp. alpina needle, berry, wood and root oils by combination of GC, GC/MS and 13C‐NMR
The essential oils from needles, berries, wood and roots of Juniperuscommunis L. subsp. alpina were obtained by hydrodistillation, fractionated on column chromatography and analysed by GC, GC-MS andExpand
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Olive oil flavoured by the essential oils of Mentha × piperita and Thymus mastichina L.
Abstract The present study reports the development of flavoured olive oils by the incorporation of Mentha × piperita L. and Thymus mastichina subsp. mastichina essential oils. This M. × piperita L.Expand
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