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Modules over non-Noetherian domains
Commutative domains and their modules Valuation domains Prufer domains More non-Noetherian domains Finitely generated modules Projectivity and projective dimension Divisible modules Topology and
A soft introduction to algebraic entropy
AbstractThe goal of this mainly expository paper is to develop the theory of the algebraic entropy in the basic setting of vector spaces V over a field K. Many complications encountered in more
A general notion of algebraic entropy and the rank-entropy
A general definition of a subadditive invariant i of Mod(R), and the related notion of algebraic entropy of endomorphisms of R-modules, with respect to i, and it is shown that the rank-entropy satisfies the Addition Theorem.
Strongly Flat Covers
It is proved that all modules over an integral domain R have strongly flat cover if and only if every flat R‐module is strongly flat. The domains satisfying this property are characterized by the
Almost perfect commutative rings
The theory of endomorphism rings of algebraic structures allows, in a natural way, a systematic approach based on the notion of entropy borrowed from dynamical systems. Here we study the algebraic