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Sustainability Through Unsustainability? Unintended Consequences and Emancipatory Catastrophism
It is common knowledge among social scientists that, far from being the consequent outcome of linear processes, the modern age is the age of side effects, characterized by unintentional developmentsExpand
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Self-Defeating Prophecies: When Sociology Really Matters
Social predictions (as well as social classifications, regulations, and criteria), due to their inner characteristic of being published, may have an influence on their own subject matter and, inExpand
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La transizione dal latente al manifesto: un problema di teoria della valutazione (The transition from latent to manifest: an issue with evaluation theory), di Lorenzo Sabetta
Dando seguito a un’idea profondamente radicata nella classicità sociologica, Bourdieu, Elster e Veyne hanno individuato l’esistenza di alcuni fenomeni la cui occorrenza sarebbe legata – indissolubilmente – all’inconsapevolezza degli attori protagonisti. Expand
Verso una congiunzione funzionale delle due “etiche” weberiane
In the final pages of his Politik als Beruf, Max Weber introduced his now widely known and cited distinction between two types of ethics, i.e. the seemingly dichotomous relationship between theExpand
2650 – Validation of a Diagnostic Questionnaire Based on DSM-IV Criteria for Gambling
Introduction: Different questionnaires were formulated in order to assess the severity of gambling. The most used questionnaire is the South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS), based on DSM-III criteria forExpand
Times of sociology. Eviatar zerubavel in conversation with lorenzo sabetta
This interview offers a historical reconstruction of Eviatar Zerubavel’s work, from his pioneering studies of time to his not-yet-published analysis of “concept-driven sociology”, running the gamutExpand
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