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Observations with the electron microscope on Asteromonas gracilis Artari emend. (Stephanoptera gracilis (Artari) wisl.), with some comparative observations on Dunaliella Sp
A clone of Asteromonas gracilis has been examined in culture by means of light and electron microscopy. The morphological observations of Artari (1913) have been confirmed and extended. NewExpand
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Observations on the tine structure of coccoliths, scales and the protoplast of a freshwater coccolithophorid, Hymenomonas roseola Stein, with supplementary observations on the protoplast of
A developmental and anatomical re-investigation of a clone of this freshwater coccolithophorid previously examined by Braarud (1954) has shown that its tremaliths (the technical term for the type ofExpand
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Mallomonas transsylvanica, spec. nova (Chrysophyceae), light and electron microscopical studies
The new speciesMallomonas transsylvanica is described in detail. Its silica armour has been examined by light and electron microscopy. Differences and possible relationships with other species areExpand