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Síndromes de polinização e de dispersão em fragmentos da Floresta Estacional Semidecídua Montana, SP, Brasil
Anemochoric and autochoric species were more frequent in open environments and predominated in the upper strata in the forest interior, and melittophilous species tended to occur in the higher stratum. Expand
Composição florística e síndromes de polinização e de dispersão da mata do Sítio São Francisco, Campinas, SP, Brasil
An intermediate position between the hygrophilous formations and the seasonal semi-deciduous forests as well as the occurrence of some exclusive arboreal and lianas species are shown. Expand
Coléteres foliares e calicinais de Temnadenia violacea (Apocynaceae, Apocynoideae): estrutura e distribuição
The present work describes the origin, structure and position of the colleters on vegetative and floral apices of Temnadenia violacea (Vell.) Miers and confirms the presence of mucilage in the secretion produced by those structures. Expand
Anatomia foliar como subsídio para a taxonomia de espécies de Forsteronia G. Mey. (Apocynaceae) dos cerrados paulistas
This is the first work describing domatia anatomy and sessile and branched colleters in vegetative organs of species of Apocynaceae and the characters described herein have taxonomic significance and are useful to identify Forsteronia species, thus contributing to a better delimitation of similar species found in cerrado vegetation of Sao Paulo. Expand
Flora arbustivo-arbórea do fragmento de floresta estacional semidecidual do Ribeirão Cachoeira, município de Campinas, SP
An inventory of the woody flora (trees and shrubs), was carried out in the Ribeirao Cachoeria forest (233.7ha, 650m high, 46°55'58''W, 22°50'13''S), the second largest and best conserved fragment ofExpand
Composição florística da vegetação altimontana do distrito de Monte Verde (Camanducaia, MG), Serra da Mantiqueira Meridional, Sudeste do Brasil
The occurrence of endemic species and species with narrow geographic distribution showed the influence of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain chain on the distribution of plant species in the Atlantic Forest Domain. Expand
Aspectos brioflorísticos e fitogeográficos de duas formações costeiras de Floresta Atlântica da Serra do Mar, Ubatuba/SP, Brasil
Bryophytes are indicators of climatic, environmental and ecology conditions and are useful in the characterization of the vegetation types. In this study, we analyzed the brioflora of 2-ha plots, oneExpand
Checklist das Spermatophyta do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil
The wealth of the Brazilian plant diversity, partially expressed in Sao Paulo, shows how important is the continuity of floristic studies in a country that is very likely to hold the largest plant diversity in the planet. Expand
Distribuição e caracterização anatômica dos coléteres foliares de Prestonia coalita (Vell.) Woodson (Apocynaceae)
A structural study on the foliar colleters of Prestonia coalita (Vell.) Woodson was conducted in order to establish their number and positions, to describe their structure, to determine in whichExpand