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Catch crops and green manures as biological tools in nitrogen management in temperate zones
During the last decades a lot of research have been made on the use of cover crops. Cover crops are grown for many purposes, but most of the resent interest have focused on their effects on nitrogen.Expand
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Carbon sequestration in soil beneath long-term Miscanthus plantations as determined by 13C abundance
Miscanthus is a perennial rhizomatous warm-season grass with C4-photosynthesis. It shows considerable production potentials (10– dry matter ha−1) under NW European growth conditions and plantationsExpand
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Potential of aeration flow rate and bio-char addition to reduce greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions during manure composting.
Aeration is an important factor influencing CO2, CH4, N2O and NH3 emissions from the composting process. Both CH4 and N2O are potent greenhouse gases (GHG) of high importance. Here, we examined theExpand
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Influence of biochemical quality on C and N mineralisation from a broad variety of plant materials in soil
We studied C and N mineralisation patterns from a large number of plant materials (76 samples, covering 37 species and several plant parts), and quantified how these patterns related to biologicalExpand
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Gross Nitrogen Fluxes in Soil: Theory Measurement and Application of 15N Pool Dilution Techniques
Abstract Isotopic pool dilution using 15 N is proving to be a valuable tool for increasing our understanding of gross N cycling processes and our ability to both model these processes and link themExpand
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CN-SIM—a model for the turnover of soil organic matter. I. Long-term carbon and radiocarbon development
Abstract A novel computer model is presented which describes the flow of C and N in the soil. It employs a structure with conceptual compartments. Organic matter is represented by seven differentExpand
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Temporal variation of C and N mineralization, microbial biomass and extractable organic pools in soil after oilseed rape straw incorporation in the field
Abstract The temporal variation of soil microbial biomass C and N, extractable organic C and N, mineral N and soil-surface CO2 flux in situ in two arable soils (a sandy loam and a coarse sandy soil)Expand
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Microbial mineralization and assimilation of black carbon: Dependency on degree of thermal alteration
Black carbon is degraded slowly in the environment and its formation can therefore be an effective sink for atmospheric CO2. This study examined whether charcoal is assimilated by microorganisms orExpand
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Organic matter and water management strategies to reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions from rice paddies in Vietnam
Abstract The reduction of CH4 and N2O emissions from rice paddies is of utmost importance in minimizing the impact of rice production on global warming. A field experiment was therefore conducted inExpand
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Soil surface CO2 flux as an index of soil respiration in situ: A comparison of two chamber methods
Predictions of global climate change have recently focused attention on soils as major sources and sinks for atmospheric CO2, and various methodologies exist for measuring soil surface CO2 flux. AExpand
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