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Caffeine abstinence: an ineffective and potentially distressing tinnitus therapy
Abstract The effect of phased caffeine withdrawal and abstention on tinnitus severity was assessed using a pseudo-randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover trial of 30 days duration.Expand
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Causal attributions in King-Kopetzky syndrome
Abstract At least 10% of people who present for help with hearing difficulties will be found to have normal hearing thresholds. These cases are clinically categorized as King-Kopetzky syndrome (KKS),Expand
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Illness perceptions and hearing difficulties in King-Kopetzky syndrome: What determines help seeking?
Abstract The present study explored illness perceptions of hearing difficulties amongst one hundred participants who reported experiencing hearing difficulties despite normal audiometric thresholds.Expand
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Respect for a young male with and without a hearing aid: A reversal of the “hearing-aid effect” in medical and non-medical students?
Abstract Objective: To investigate, in line with the “hearing-aid effect”, whether medical students would have less respect for a young male with a hearing aid than without when he was described asExpand
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How Can Respectfulness in Medical Professionals Be Increased? A Complex But Important Question
Respectfulness is demanded of doctors and predicts more positive patient health-related outcomes, but research is scarce on ways to promote it. This study explores two ways to conceptualizeExpand
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