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Natural Delineation, Molecular Phylogeny and Floral Evolution in Campanula
Abstract The circumscription and infrageneric classification of Campanula is highly controversial. Independent and combined data from nuclear and chloroplast sequences (trnL-trnF, ITS) were analyzedExpand
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Reconstructing the history of Campanulaceae with a Bayesian approach to molecular dating and dispersal-vicariance analyses.
We reconstruct here the spatial and temporal evolution of the Campanula alliance in order to better understand its evolutionary history. To increase phylogenetic resolution among major groupsExpand
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Nuclear and plastid DNA phylogeny of tribe Cardueae (Compositae) with Hyb-Seq data: A new subtribal classification and a temporal diversification framework.
Classification of tribe Cardueae in natural subtribes has always been a challenge due to the lack of support of some critical branches in previous phylogenies based on traditional Sanger markers.Expand
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A taxonomic revision of Campanula L. subgenus Sicyocodon (Feer) Damboldt and subgenus Megalocalyx Damboldt (Campanulaceae)
A taxonomic study of Campanula L. subgenera Megalocalyx Damboldt and Sicyocodon (Feer) Damboldt is presented here. Taxonomical, nomenclatural, morphological, chromosomal, geographic and ecologicalExpand
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Resolving Recent Plant Radiations: Power and Robustness of Genotyping‐by‐Sequencing
&NA; Disentangling species boundaries and phylogenetic relationships within recent evolutionary radiations is a challenge due to the poor morphological differentiation and low genetic divergenceExpand
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Pteridophyte richness in the NE Iberian Peninsula: biogeographic patterns
The richness and coexistence of pteridophyte species were studied at the mesoscale level in the NE Iberian Peninsula (Catalonia and Andorra) using a grid system with 10×10 km cell-size. The number ofExpand
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Morphological data provide evidence for the separation of Erodium macrophyllum Hook. & Arn. in a new genus, different from either Erodium and Monsonia (Geraniaceae). Also cpDNA sequence data (rrnL-F)Expand
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A new subspecies ofArenaria grandiflora (Caryophyllaceae) from the Rif mountains (Northern Morocco)
A new subspecies,A. grandiflora subsp.gomarica (Caryophyllaceae), is described from the mountains of northern Morocco. The new taxon is tetraploid and has been confused in the past either with theExpand
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Using species distribution modelling to disentangle realised versus potential distributions for rare species conservation
Abstract Range maps provide important information in species conservation management, specially in the case of rare species of conservation interest. For the vast majority of cases, this informationExpand
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Genetic diversity of mountain plants: two migration episodes of Mediterranean Erodium (Geraniaceae).
This paper examines the phylogeny of Erodium subsect. Petraea, a group of six morphologically and genetically very similar species from the mountains of the western Mediterranean. Combined trnL-F-ITSExpand
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