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Perioperative metoprolol reduces the frequency of atrial fibrillation after thoracotomy for lung resection.
OBJECTIVE The association of atrial fibrillation with thoracic surgical procedures is well known, but nevertheless its cause is not well defined. Increased sympathetic activity may play a role in theExpand
Pulmonary and caval flow dynamics after total cavopulmonary connection
Objective To assess flow dynamics after total cavopulmonary connection (TCPC). Design Cross-sectional study. Setting Aarhus University Hospital. Patients Seven patients (mean age 9 (4–18) years) whoExpand
Urinary retention during i.m. and extradural morphine analgesia.
In the postoperative period fifty-six healthy patients undergoing cholecystectomy or operations for duodenal ulcer, received, in a randomized order, i.m., "high-level" or "low-level" extraduralExpand
Postoperative Analgesia and Lung Function: a Comparison of Intramuscular with Epidural Morphine
Thirty healthy patients subjected to cholecystectomy or operation for duodenal ulcer were allocated randomly for postoperative analgesic treatment with morphine i.m. or epidurally. Morphine was givenExpand
Preoperative metoprolol improves cardiovascular stability and reduces oxygen consumption after thoracotomy
Background: Increased sympathetic activity perioperatively and associated cardiovascular effects play a central role in cardiovascular complications. High thoracic epidural blockade attenuates theExpand
Respiratory depression following postoperative analgesia with epidural morphine
Eighteen healthy patients subjected to operation for duodenal ulcer were allocated randomly to one of two regimes of analgesic treatment with epidural morphine. The analgesic regime was startedExpand
Profound accidental hypothermia treated with peritoneal dialysis.
In five women and two men, profound accidental hypothermia--core temperature on admission 24-28 degrees C--was treated with peritoneal dialysis. In two cases 16 gauge intravenous catheters were used,Expand
Gastric volume and pH in children for emergency surgery
The volume and pH of gastric contents aspirated prior to anaesthesia were measured in 101 children admitted for emergency surgery. The children were aged between 3 months and 15 years. If we defineExpand