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Social Networks, Social Support and Social Capital: The Experiences of Recent Polish Migrants in London
There is growing interest in the role of migrants' social networks as sources of social capital. Networks are, however, often conceptualized rather loosely and insufficient attention has been paid toExpand
Migrants' Social Networks and Weak Ties: Accessing Resources and Constructing Relationships Post-Migration
Within migration studies literature there is a tendency to assume that migrants have ready access to kin and friendship networks which facilitate the migration and settling processes. Through tightExpand
Family Strategies and Transnational Migration: Recent Polish Migrants in London
Poland's accession to the European Union in May 2004 brought many new possibilities and opportunities for Polish migrants to Britain. However, the focus on individual migrants has underestimated theExpand
Becoming Polish in London: negotiating ethnicity through migration
This paper explores how migrants negotiate and construct their identity in London. In particular it discusses how they position themselves in relation to other ethnic groups – English people andExpand
Transnational Relations: Family Migration among Recent Polish Migrants in London
This paper is based on a qualitative study of recent Polish migrants in London (Ryan, et al., 2007). The paper reveals the roles that different family members played in the migration narratives ofExpand
Migrant Women, Social Networks and Motherhood: The Experiences of Irish Nurses in Britain
Although there is a growing interest in female migration, little attention has been paid to how migrant women access and sustain social networks, both locally and spatially dispersed, over time.Expand
Polish ‘Temporary’ Migration: The Formation and Significance of Social Networks
Abstract This article is based on in-depth interviews with migrants in different locations in Poland and the UK and explores Polish migrant decision making in both countries. In particular, we askExpand
Migrant Capitals: Proposing a Multi-Level Spatio-Temporal Analytical Framework
This article explores how migrants utilize and access different forms of capital. Using a Bourdieusian approach to capital, we focus on how migrants’ temporal and spatial journeys are shaped by andExpand
Family Migration: The Role of Children and Education in Family Decision‐Making Strategies of Polish Migrants in London
Poland’s accession to the European Union in May 2004 brought many new possibilities and opportunities for Polish migrants to the United Kingdom. However, the focus on individual migrants hasExpand
Trading Places: French Highly Skilled Migrants Negotiating Mobility and Emplacement In London
This paper investigates the migratory strategies of highly skilled French migrants in London's business and financial sectors. Drawing on qualitative data with 37 participants from thisExpand