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Athenian Grave Monuments and Social Class
T HE LARGE CORPUS of Attic tombstones commemorating citizens is an extremely valuable source for the study of Athenian demography. The sepulchral inscriptions, which span the period ca 400 B.C. to ca
The law and the courts in Ancient Greece
How successful were the Athenians and other Greeks in bringing about the rule of law? What did the Greeks recognise as 'law' both in the 'polis' and internationally? How did the courts attempt to
Profession and Performance: Aspects of oratory in the Greco-Roman World
This volume brings together six papers relating to oratory and orators in public fora of Classical Greece and Rome and reflects on the continuing relevance of rhetoric in the modern, highly professionalised practice of the law in England.
Adoption in IV. century Athens
The aim of the investigation is to throw light on the adoption institution. Much attention has been devoted to the contractual nature of the adoption which was carried out inter vivos as opposed to
Immigration and Refugee Crises in Fourth-Century Greece: An Athenian Perspective
Abstract The fourth-century B.C. was a period during which a large number of Greek cities were affected by civil wars, military conquests, and destruction, with the displacement of large numbers of
Polis & politics : studies in ancient Greek history : presented to Mogens Herman Hansen on his sixtieth birthday, August 20, 2000
This book contains 35 articles, devoted to different aspects of the Greek polis, and is intended not only as a present for 'Mogens Herman Hansen' on his sixtieth birthday, but also as a way of
Greek History and Epigraphy: Essays in honour of P.J. Rhodes
Introduction (Lynette Mitchell and Lene Rubinstein) The rules of the game: three studies in friendship, equality and politics (Lynette Mitchell) City elites and the administration of the Attalid