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Automatic Analysis of Facial Expressions: The State of the Art
The capability of the human visual system with respect to these problems is discussed, and it is meant to serve as an ultimate goal and a guide for determining recommendations for development of an automatic facial expression analyzer.
Toward an affect-sensitive multimodal human-computer interaction
It is argued that next-generation human-computer interaction (HCI) designs need to include the essence of emotional intelligence - the ability to recognize a user's affective states- in order to become more human-like, more effective, and more efficient.
Ant-Based Load Balancing in Telecommunications Networks
A novel method of achieving load balancing in telecommunications networks using ant-based control, which is shown to result in fewer call failures than the other methods, while exhibiting many attractive features of distributed control.
Facial action recognition for facial expression analysis from static face images
An automated system that is developed to recognize facial gestures in static, frontal- and/or profile-view color face images using rule-based reasoning and a recognition rate of 86% is achieved.
Emotion recognition using brain activity
This system was designed using prior knowledge from other research, and is meant to assess the quality of emotion recognition using EEG signals in practice, and found that the EEG signals contained enough information to separate five different classes on both the valence and arousal dimension.
Facial expression recognition in still pictures and videos using active appearance models: a comparison approach
The paper highlights the performance of video sequence-oriented facial expression recognition using Active Appearance Model -- AAM, in a comparison with the analysis based on still pictures. The AAM
Kinect Sensing of Shopping Related Actions
A system for analyzing human behavior patterns related to products interaction, such as browse through a set of products, examine, pick products, try on, interact with the shopping cart, and look for support by waiving one hand is proposed.
An expert system for multiple emotional classification of facial expressions
The Integrated System for Facial Expression Recognition (ISFER), which performs facial expression analysis from a still dual facial view image, demonstrates rather high concurrent validity with human coding of facial expressions using FACS and formal instructions in emotion signals.
The INTERSPEECH 2021 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge: COVID-19 Cough, COVID-19 Speech, Escalation & Primates
The Sub-Challenges, baseline feature extraction, and classifiers based on the 'usual' COMPARE and BoAW features as well as deep unsupervised representation learning using the AuDeep toolkit, and deep feature extraction from pre-trained CNNs using the Deep Spectrum toolkit are described.