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Cockroaches: Ecology, Behavior, and Natural History
The cockroach is truly an evolutionary wonder. This definitive volume provides a complete overview of suborder Blattaria, highlighting the diversity of these amazing insects in their naturalExpand
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Systematics and phylogeny of cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattaria)
Abstract The systematics and phylogeny of the Blattaria are reviewed. Subjects covered are: taxonomic and diagnostic characters, fossils, classification, families, genera, estimates of number ofExpand
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Observations on Reproduction and Development in Cockroaches
Although various information has been published previously on reproduction and development in the common species of cockroaches, similar data on less common cockroaches are comparatively meager.Expand
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The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches
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Oöcyte Development in Blattella germanica and Blattella vaga (Blattaria)
In these oviparous cockroaches the corpora allata are inhibited while the female carries its ootheca, and consequently the oocytes fail to mature. The inhibition of the corpora allata is due toExpand
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