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Filling a gap:dynamics of space occupancy on a mussel-dominated subtropical rocky shore
The mussel Sernirnytilus algosus (Gould) often dominates the space on exposed rocky shores of subtropical South America. Dynamics of space occupancy was investigated in a rocky intertidal habitat inExpand
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Fast Multiple-Path Model to Calculate Radionuclide Release from the Near Field of a Repository
Radionuclides leaking from a damaged canister spread into the backfill material surrounding the canister and then migrate through different pathways into water-bearing fractures in the rockExpand
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The influence of the environment on the animal production is of great importance. With this concern this experiment was developed, having looked for to evaluate the effect of the climate (ambientExpand
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Distribución y observaciones sobre la población de la nutria marina Lontra felina (Molina 1782) en el Perú
We analyzed the distribution of marine otter Lontra felinaon the Peruvian coast, from Punta Aguja (05°47'S) to the boundary with Chile (18°21'S). We performed a comprehensive analysis of theExpand
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Reproductive behaviour and mutilations in sally lightfoot Grapsus grapsus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Crustacea, Decapoda)
We have analysed molt frequency and reproductive behaviour of G. grapsus in relation to mutilation frequency and cannibalism observed during mating. Observations and surveys were carried out betweenExpand
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Movement of the redox front at the Osamu Utsumi uranium mine, Poços de Caldas, Brazil
Abstract In the open pit uranium mine at Pocos de Caldas the uranium oxide ore has accumulated at a redox front. The redox front forms and moves by the oxidation of pyrite in the rock by oxygenExpand
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Control of Position/Velocity in a Mobile Robot Using DC Brushless Motors
  • L. Romero, A. Concha
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  • 26 September 2006
This paper describes the construction of a differential mobile robot using a brushless DC motor coupled to each wheel. Considering that commercial controllers of brushless motors are expensive andExpand
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A study of hadronic decays of the ϒ
Abstract We present a detailed study of the decays ϒ ′ → π + π − ϒ and ϒ ′ → π 0 π 0 ϒ , where the ϒ decays subsequently to e + e − or μ + μ − . The results are obtained from a sample of 146 000 ϒ′Expand
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