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Monoidal categories with natural numbers object
The notion of a natural numbers object in a monoidal category is defined and it is shown that the theory of primitive recursive functions can be developed. This is done by considering the category ofExpand
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An internal language for autonomous categories
We present an internal language for symmetric monoidal closed (autonomous) categories analogous to the typed lambda calculus as an internal language for cartesian closed categories. The language weExpand
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Residuated Semigroups and the Algebraic Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Let Q be an idempotent and right-sided quantale. There is a one to one correspondence between quantifiers and non-commutative binary operations making Q an idempotent and right-sided quantale. If QExpand
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Ariensin, a new lignan from Bursera ariensis.
From acetone extracts of the exudate of the tree Bursera ariensis, a new bilignan, named ariensin, has been isolated and characterized as (2R,3R)-bis-2.3-(3.4-methylenedioxybenzyl-)-1.4-butanediolExpand
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Cartesian categories with natural numbers object
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Quantum Implication
This article is to discuss the severalimplications introduced in quantum mechanics. Thisdiscussion will be from a rigorous logical point ofview.
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Research on historical demography
A review of historical demographic research in Romania since 1944 is presented. Studies dealing with ancient times up to the tenth century the tenth through eighteenth centuries and the nineteenthExpand
Rumanian Research in Historical Demography: a Note
Historical-demographic studies in Rumania have undoubtedly recorded some success in our decade, a success which will become more apparent if we examine some characteristic traits of its research.Expand
Ultradiophantine Categories