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Molar absorptivity and color characteristics of acylated and non-acylated pelargonidin-based anthocyanins.
The effects of glycosylation and acylation on the spectral characteristics, molar absorptivity, and color attributes of purified acylated and non-acylated pelargonidin derivatives were compared.Expand
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Anthocyanin pigment composition of red-fleshed potatoes
Red potatoes (Solanum tuberosum and S. stenotomum) were evaluated as potential sources for natural red colorants. Qualitative anthocyanin composition, pigment content and phenolic composition wereExpand
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Rapid detection and quantification of milk adulteration using infrared microspectroscopy and chemometrics analysis.
The application of attenuated total reflectance mid-infrared microspectroscopy (MIR-microspectroscopy) was evaluated as a rapid method for detection and quantification of milk adulteration. MilkExpand
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Herbivore-Induced Volatiles in the Perennial Shrub, Vaccinium corymbosum, and Their Role in Inter-branch Signaling
Herbivore feeding activates plant defenses at the site of damage as well as systemically. Systemic defenses can be induced internally by signals transported via phloem or xylem, or externallyExpand
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Electrospray and tandem mass spectroscopy as tools for anthocyanin characterization.
The utility of electrospray and tandem mass spectroscopy (ES-MS and MS-MS) in anthocyanin characterization was tested using different anthocyanin extracts. Anthocyanins were semipurified by using aExpand
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Characterization and authentication of a novel vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids, sacha inchi (Plukenetia volubilis L.) oil.
Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids (ω-3's), whether from fish oils, flax or supplements, can protect against cardiovascular disease. Finding plant-based sources of the essential ω-3's could provide aExpand
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Influence of potato composition on chip color quality
Potato constituents were monitored to evaluate their contribution to potato chip color. Five chipping potato varieties: Snowden, AC Ptarmigan, FL 1625, FL 1815 and ND2471-8 were evaluated. AscorbicExpand
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Characterization of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by infrared spectroscopy: Comparison of MIR, FT-NIR and dispersive NIR using portable and benchtop instruments
Abstract Infrared spectroscopy (IR) is a well-established technique for determining component levels in foods. New portable technology offers versatility and ruggedness by reducing the size andExpand
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Midinfrared spectroscopy for juice authentication-rapid differentiation of commercial juices.
The determination of food authenticity is a crucial issue for food quality and safety. Midinfrared spectroscopy provides rapid chemical profiling of agricultural products and could become anExpand
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