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Effects of an enzyme feed additive on extent of digestion and milk production of lactating dairy cows.
A study was conducted using lactating Holstein cows with ruminal and duodenal cannulas in a 4 x 4 Latin square design to investigate fibrolytic enzyme supplementation on site and extent of nutrientExpand
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Effects of particle size of alfalfa-based dairy cow diets on chewing activity, ruminal fermentation, and milk production.
Effects offorage particle size measured as physically effective NDF and ratio of alfalfa silage to alfalfa hay of diets on feed intake, chewing activity, particle size reduction, salivary secretion,Expand
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Effects of grain processing, forage to concentrate ratio, and forage particle size on rumen pH and digestion by dairy cows.
Dietary factors that alter the intake of effective fiber were evaluated for their effects on rumen fermentation, digestion, and milk production using a double 4 x 4 quasi-Latin square design with aExpand
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A comparison of methods of adding fibrolytic enzymes to lactating cow diets.
Holstein cows (n = 43) in early lactation were used to investigate effects of method of adding fibrolytic enzymes to diets on feed intake, milk production, and digestibility. Cows were blockedExpand
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Effects of grain source and enzyme additive on site and extent of nutrient digestion in dairy cows.
Four lactating, cannulated Holstein cows were used in a 4 x 4 Latin square design to investigate the effects of grain source and fibrolytic enzyme supplementation on ruminal fermentation, nutrientExpand
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Fibrolytic enzyme supplements for dairy cows in early lactation.
Twenty multiparous lactating Holstein cows in early lactation were used to investigate effects of exogenous fibrolytic enzyme supplementation on dry matter intake, milk production, and digestibility.Expand
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Effects of barley grain processing on the site and extent of digestion of beef feedlot finishing diets.
Effects of extent of barley rolling on chewing activities, ruminal fermentation, and site and extent of digestion were evaluated for feedlot finishing cattle diets in a 4 x 4 Latin square design.Expand
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Effects of protozoa on bacterial nitrogen recycling in the rumen.
The effects of protozoa on ruminal NH3-N kinetics and bacterial N recycling were measured in five sheep (57.6+/-7.1 kg BW, x +/- SD) with ruminal and duodenal cannulas in naturally faunated,Expand
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Effects of dietary sunflower seed oil on rumen protozoa population and tissue concentration of conjugated linoleic acid in sheep
Two experiments with sheep were performed to test the efficacy of a linoleic acid-rich sunflower seed oil as a supplement to barley silage-based diet (6% of the dietary dry matter) to suppressExpand
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Effects of an exogenous enzyme preparation on microbial protein synthesis, enzyme activity and attachment to feed in the Rumen Simulation Technique (Rusitec)
The effects of an exogenous enzyme preparation, the application method and feed type on ruminal fermentation and microbial protein synthesis were investigated using the rumen simulation techniqueExpand
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