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Reliabilities, Norms and Factor Structure of the Behavioral Dyscontrol Scale
This is a report on the statistical properties of a research and clinical measure of cognitive and behavioral functioning, which has so far demonstrated utility among elderly persons. ThisExpand
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Binding the Elderly: A Prospective Study of the Use of Mechanical Restraints in an Acute Care Hospital
Little information exists on the use of mechanical restraints among nonpsychiatric inpatients. This prospective study evaluates their use among consecutive medical and surgical admissions to an acuteExpand
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Prediction of Independent Functioning and Behavior Problems in Geriatric Patients
Folstein's Mini Mental State Exam, a test assessing the capacity to perform novel and/or repetitive motor tasks (Behavioral Dyscontrol Scale) and a brief measure of working memory were used in aExpand
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The effect of prescription size on acquisition of maintenance medications
AbstractObjective: To determine whether large prescriptions (≥90 days’ supplies) enhance the acquisition of maintenance medications by patients. Design: Study 1: multisite, retrospective cohortExpand
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Restraining the elderly patient.
  • L. Robbins
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  • 1 August 1986
The use of chemical and mechanical restraints to control the behavior of cognitively impaired elderly patients is controversial. The issue frequently arises in nonpsychiatric as well as psychiatricExpand
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Cultural attitudes towards death and dying: a South African perspective
Through a process of rapid democratization South Africa finds itself urgently engaging in many critical issues; these involve empowerment of communities, the recognition and respect for differentExpand
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Prevention of iatrogenic illness: adverse drug reactions and nosocomial infections in hospitalized older adults.
Adverse drug reactions and nosocomial infections are two important aspects of iatrogenesis in hospitalized older adults. Adverse drug reactions are related to changes in pharmacodynamics andExpand
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Incidence of digoxin toxicity in outpatients.
The incidence of digoxin toxicity among patients in hospitals has declined in recent years. To evaluate whether a similar decline has occurred in ambulatory care, we reviewed randomly selectedExpand
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Providing All‐Inclusive Care for Frail Elderly Veterans: Evaluation of Three Models of Care
Frail elderly veterans aged 55 and older who met state nursing home admission criteria were enrolled in one of three models of all‐inclusive long‐term care (AIC) at three Veterans Affairs (VA)Expand
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Trigeminal neuropathy--new observations.
Five cases of trigeminal neuropathy of the idiopathic variety are reported; one patient had an associated unilateral hypoglossal neuropathy with fasciculations and wasting of the ipsilateral half ofExpand
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