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A New Inheritable Property of Human Sera : the InV Factor
Roparbz et al.5 have demonstrated that some sera withdrawn from healthy donors could be used for the Gm groups typings; in fact, such sera sometimes possess a very pure anti-Gm specificity.
Familial occurrence of monoclonal gammapathies.
Systematic serum-electrophoreses were performed on 172 relatives of 37 reported patients and on 10,784 controls over 30 to evaluate the genetic propensity importance in the monoclonal gammapathies occurrence.
Common and uncommon immunoglobulin haplotypes among Lebanese communities
The difference between highlanders and lowlanders as expressed by G2m(23) was highly significant and suggested a possible adaptation to selective pressure related to the γ2 genes, possibly due to endemic malaria in the past.
Gm, Am and Km immunoglobulin allotypes of two populations in Tunisia
The populations studied are Caucasoids with some African admixture (about 10%) and a very low oriental contribution.
IgG4 subclass in malignant melanoma.
The biologic significance of the increase of IgG4 in melanoma remains obscure and may be related to the development of facilitating antibodies of the IgG 4 subclass.
Gm and Inv allotypes in French Guiana Indians.
The gene frequencies found in the present study are generally in accordance with those previously described among other South American Indians, but for the Inv1,2 gene a high value has been found for the Wayanas and the Oyampis, but a difference appears for the Emerillons who possess a low frequency.
The Influence of the Anti‐Rh Coat and Red Cells on the Manifestation of the Gm(b) Phenotype
Trois sujets de race blanche testés avec le même anti‐Gm(b) mais avec différents sérums anti‐Rhésus capables de détecter le Gm(b) sont soit Gm(b+), soit Gm(b‐) suivant la combinaison employée. Ce
Frequencies of Gm and Km allotypes in the population of Singapore, Sri Lanka and Punjabis in North India.
Serum samples from Sinhalese subjects, from Punjab and from Singapore have been studied and some similarities concerning the Gm gene frequencies between the Singapore Indians with the Indians of North India, and with the Sinhalinge are observed.
Immunoglobulin allotypic specificities in mixed leucocyte cultures.
γG immunoglobulin synthesis was shown in mixed lymphocyte cultures and presence in the supernatant after culture of Gm allotypes lacking in the donors' serum phenotypes suggested that the structural genes might be under the control of regulatory genes.
Isotypes in Human Immunoglobulin λ-Chains
The N-terminal region of polypeptide chains is characterized by single amino-acid substitutions in an otherwise constant, yet chain type specific, sequence1,10–12.