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DNA methylation in glioblastoma: impact on gene expression and clinical outcome
BackgroundChanges in promoter DNA methylation pattern of genes involved in key biological pathways have been reported in glioblastoma. Genome-wide assessments of DNA methylation levels are nowExpand
A Framework for the Recognition of High-Level Surgical Tasks From Video Images for Cataract Surgeries
We propose a framework to assist in the development of systems for the automatic recognition of high-level surgical tasks using microscope videos analysis. Expand
Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome: Relation with desmoplastic medulloblastoma in infancy
Patients with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) are believed to be predisposed to develop early‐onset neoplasms including medulloblastomas (MB). The desmoplastic subtype of MB isExpand
MR imaging features of spinal schwannomas and meningiomas.
Spinal schwannomas and meningiomas are mostly benign, intra-dural extramedullary tumours. We retrospectively reviewed the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) examinations of 52 spinal schwannomas andExpand
Acute Nontraumatic Spinal Subdural Hematomas in Three Patients
Study Design. The clinical data, magnetic resonance imaging, intraoperative findings, and functional outcome were reviewed for three patients under anticoagulant therapy who experienced acuteExpand
Markers of recurrence and long-term morbidity in craniopharyngioma: a systematic analysis of 171 patients.
CONTEXT Craniopharyngiomas are often associated with an unfavorable prognosis, but data on their long-term consequences are sparse. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to identify markers ofExpand
MRI of intramedullary spinal schwannomas: case report and review of the literature
Abstract Intramedullary spinal schwannomas are uncommon. We report a solitary cervical intramedullary schwannoma shown by MRI and treated surgically, and review 12 previous cases with MRI. MRIExpand
Olfactory ensheathing cell tumour: case report and literature review
Olfactory ensheathing cell tumour (OECT) and olfactory groove schwannoma (OGS) are among the rarest intracranial tumour types that develop within anterior cranial fossa. These tumours share severalExpand
Results of spinal meningioma surgery in patients with severe preoperative neurological deficits
Spinal meningiomas are usually benign, slow-growing tumours and are commonly associated with good patient outcome following surgery. However, the existence of a severe preoperative neurologicalExpand
An Application-Dependent Framework for the Recognition of High-Level Surgical Tasks in the OR
We proposed in this paper an application-dependent framework able to automatically extract the phases of the surgery only by using microscope videos as input data and that can be adaptable to different surgical specialties. Expand