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Isolation of an RNA-Directed RNA Polymerase–Specific cDNA Clone from Tomato
Antibodies that were raised against synthetic peptides whose sequences have been deduced from the ORF were shown to specifically detect the 127-kD tomato RdRP protein.
A single nucleotide substitution converts potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) from a noninfectious to an infectious RNA for nicotiana tabacum.
The sequence analysis of PSTVd NT revealed a single nucleotide substitution from C-->U at position 259, which might be involved in protein binding and in viroid processing in both tobacco and tomato.
Characterization of the signal recognition particle (SRP) RNA population of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)
It is proposed that the domain IV structure together with the highly conserved area of domain II constitutes the essential core of the SRP RNA.
Molecular analysis of the gene family of the signal recognition particle (SRP) RNA of tomato
These findings and recent results from site-directed mutation analysis of the SRP RNA genes from Arabidopsis thaliana indicate that, in contrast to mammalian systems, plant pol III SRPRNA genes are most probably regulated by external promoter elements.