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Proliferation and skeletal myotube formation capability of C2C12 and H9c2 cells on isotropic and anisotropic electrospun nanofibrous PHB scaffolds.
This study aims at investigating the behavior in terms of the proliferation and skeletal muscle differentiation capability of two myoblastic cell lines, C2C12 and H9c2, on both isotropic andExpand
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Enhancement of neurite outgrowth in neuronal-like cells following boron nitride nanotube-mediated stimulation.
In this paper, we propose an absolutely innovative technique for the electrical stimulation of cells, based on piezoelectric nanoparticles. Ultrasounds are used to impart mechanical stress to boronExpand
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MEMS Sensor Technologies for Human Centred Applications in Healthcare, Physical Activities, Safety and Environmental Sensing: A Review on Research Activities in Italy
Over the past few decades the increased level of public awareness concerning healthcare, physical activities, safety and environmental sensing has created an emerging need for smart sensorExpand
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Symbiotic robot organisms: REPLICATOR and SYMBRION projects
Cooperation and competition among stand - alone swarm agents can increase the collective fitness of the whole system. An interesting form of collective system is demonstrated by some bacteria andExpand
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Static and dynamic balance in young athletes
Ricotti L. Static and dynamic balance in young athletes. J. Hum. Sport Exerc. Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 616628, 2011. The creation of a mature athlete necessarily passes through the expression of hisExpand
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Analysis of Balance, Rapidity, Force and Reaction Times of Soccer Players at Different Levels of Competition
In the present study we analyzed 12 physical parameters, namely force, static and dynamic balance (both quantified by means of 4 parameters each), rapidity, visual reaction times and acousticExpand
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Modelling and control of HIV dynamics
Various models of HIV infection and evolution have been considered in the literature. This paper considers a variant of the Wodarz and Nowak mathematical model, adding "aggressiveness" as a new stateExpand
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Investigation of interactions between poly-l-lysine-coated boron nitride nanotubes and C2C12 cells: up-take, cytocompatibility, and differentiation
Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) have generated considerable interest within the scientific community by virtue of their unique physical properties, which can be exploited in the biomedical field. InExpand
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Adhesion and proliferation of skeletal muscle cells on single layer poly(lactic acid) ultra-thin films
An increasing interest in bio-hybrid systems and cell-material interactions is evident in the last years. This leads towards the development of new nano-structured devices and the assessment of theirExpand
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The bioartificial pancreas (BAP): Biological, chemical and engineering challenges.
The bioartificial pancreas (BAP) represents a viable solution for the treatment of type 1 diabetes (T1D). By encapsulating pancreatic cells in a semipermeable membrane to allow nutrient, insulin andExpand
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