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Application of highly sensitive UPLC-MS to determine biodistribution at tracer doses: validation with the 5-HT1A ligand [(18)F]FPWAY.
High-sensitivity and high-resolution LC/MS instrumentation has been applied in positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceutical development to provide quantitative measurement of the mass ofExpand
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Beyond the ring flip: A molecular signature of the glass–rubber transition in tetrafunctional epoxy resins
Abstract The glass–rubber structural transition of epoxy resins is a critical quantity in the design of resins for thermally demanding applications. Currently, many high T g epoxy resins exhibitExpand
Copper (II) Oxide Nanoparticles Immobilized in Cellulose Acetate Nanostructured Membrane
Copper (II) oxide (CuO) was successfully synthesized via sonochemical-assisted route, where it was incorporated in cellulose acetate (CA) to develop an antimicrobial textile by electrospinning. TheExpand
Synthesis of tri‐aryl ether epoxy resin isomers and their cure with diamino diphenyl sulphone
The synthesis of bi‐ and tetra‐functional tri‐aryl ether epoxy resin isomers and their subsequent cure with 44 diamino diphenyl sulphone (DDS) is presented here. The effect of varying aromaticExpand
Coupled electric and thermal batteries models using energetic macroscopic representation (EMR) for range estimation in electric vehicles
Electric models of battery have to take into account the effect of temperature for the state-of-charge estimation. As a matter of fact, at low temperature the driving range of the vehicle can beExpand
Synthesis of Tri‐Aryl Methane Epoxy Resin Isomers and Their Cure with Aromatic Amines
In this work, two tri-aryl and one bi-aryl epoxy resin, bis[(glycidyloxy)phenyl)]-m-xylene (BGOPmX), bis[(glycidyloxy)phenyl)]-p-xylene (BGOPpX), and bis(glycidyloxy) biphenyl (BGOBP) are synthesizedExpand
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Morphology and Structure of Amino Fatty Acid Intercalated Montmorillonite
  • L. Reyes
  • Materials Science
  • 10 January 2018
For nanocomposite production, montmorillonite clays are often modified with organic surfactants to favor its intermixing with the polymer matrix. In the present study, Na+-montmorillonite (Na+-MMT)Expand
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Adsorptive removal of copper ions in water using electrospun cellulose acetate / chitosan nanostructured membrane
Nanostructured membranes from cellulose acetate (CA) reinforced with chitosan (CS) were developed using electrospinning process and characterized in order to obtain the best blend for the removal ofExpand
Synthesis of tri‐aryl ketone amine isomers and their cure with epoxy resins
Isomeric tri-aryl ketone amines, 1,3-bis(3-aminobenzoyl)benzene (133 BABB), 1,3-bis(4-aminobenzoyl)benzene (134 BABB), and 1,4-bis(4-aminobenzoyl)benzene (144 BABB) are synthesized and cured withExpand
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The role of β relaxations in determining the compressive properties of an epoxy amine network modified with POSS and mono-functional epoxy resins
Abstract Presented here is an investigation into the glassy state molecular mobility of modified epoxy amine networks using sub-ambient β relaxations measured from dynamic mechanical relaxations andExpand