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Leatherback turtles in the Orkney Islands
This is a translation of Robert Sibbald's comments on turtles and tortoises (never before translated) and a commentary. It is in blog form.
Lions in Insular British Artwork: 650-1000 A.D
This paper identifies and examines six peculiarly insular-British features of the imago leonis . These are the absence of the evangelist, a red or gold colour, the frequent absence of wings, anExpand
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The early extinction date of the beaver (Castor fiber) in Britain
This paper re-examines the evidence for the extinction of the beaver (Castor fiber) in South Britain and Scotland. Much of the evidence found by previous scholars is discounted as unreliable orExpand
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The Eurasian Lynx (Lynx Lynx) in early modern Scotland
Gessner's Historia animalium preserves scholarly opinions from naturalists and humanists from across sixteenth-century Europe. One such view comes from Bonarus of Balice, south-east Poland. BonarusExpand
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The Ugly, Greedy Crane of Medieval Wales
Most medieval depictions of the crane (Grus grus) emphasise its nobility and importance for falconry; however, medieval Welsh poetry provides a topos of an ugly, greedy creature. This paper contrastsExpand
The forgotten beasts in Medieval Britain:a study of extinct fauna in medieval sources
This thesis identifies and discusses historical and literary sources describing four species in the process of reintroduction: lynx (Lynx lynx), large whale (esp. Eubalena glacialis), beaver (CastorExpand
08. Frogs in pre-industrial Britain
Soft Toys as Instructional Technology in Higher Education: the case of Llewelyn the Lynx
Scholarship on instructive technologies in higher education has emphasized the use of high-tech facilitative technologies for long-term use, and low-tech props to illustrate single topics. ThisExpand
Evidence for the use of whale-baleen products in medieval Powys, Wales
This short, peer-reviewed article introduces the Middle Welsh 'Dream of Rhonabwy' as evidence that a whale baleen industry existed in thirteenth century Powys.
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