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Correlation functions in the CFT(d) / AdS(d+1) correspondence
Abstract Conformal techniques are applied to the calculation of integrals on AdS d +1 space which define correlators of composite operators in the superconformal field theory on the d -dimensionalExpand
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Infinite Chiral Symmetry in Four Dimensions
We describe a new correspondence between four-dimensional conformal field theories with extended supersymmetry and two-dimensional chiral algebras. The meromorphic correlators of the chiral algebraExpand
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Tachyon potentials, star products and universality
We develop an efficient recursive method to evaluate the tachyon potential using the relevant universal subalgebra of the open string star algebra. This method, using off-shell versions of VirasoroExpand
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Classical solutions in string field theory around the tachyon vacuum
In a previous paper [hep-th/0012251] we proposed a simple class of actions for string field theory around the tachyon vacuum. In this paper we search for classical solutions describing D-branes ofExpand
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Gauge Theories and Macdonald Polynomials
We study the $${\mathcal{N}=2}$$ four-dimensional superconformal index in various interesting limits, such that only states annihilated by more than one supercharge contribute. Extrapolating from theExpand
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The bootstrap program for boundary CFTd
A bstractWe study the constraints of crossing symmetry and unitarity for conformal field theories in the presence of a boundary, with a focus on the Ising model in various dimensions. We show that anExpand
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The 4d Superconformal Index from q-deformed 2d Yang-Mills
In this letter we describe a new powerful duality, relating physics in four and in two dimensions. We will argue that for a large class of four-dimensional superconformal gauge theories, non-trivialExpand
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Bootstrapping the superconformal index with surface defects
A bstractThe analytic properties of the $ \mathcal{N}=2 $ superconformal index are given a physical interpretation in terms of certain BPS surface defects, which arise as the IR limit ofExpand
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Ghost Structure and Closed Strings in Vacuum String Field Theory
We complete the construction of vacuum string field theory by proposing a canonical choice of ghost kinetic term – a local insertion of the ghost field at the string midpoint with an infiniteExpand
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Star algebra spectroscopy
The spectrum of the infinite dimensional Neumann matrices M11, M12 and M21 in the oscillator construction of the three-string vertex determines key properties of the star product and of wedge andExpand
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