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Wild food collection and nutrition under commercial agriculture expansion in agriculture-forest landscapes
Wild food constitutes a substantial part of household food consumption around the world, but rapid land use changes influence the availability of wild foods, which has implications for smallholders'Expand
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Social-ecological outcomes of agricultural intensification
Land-use intensification in agrarian landscapes is seen as a key strategy to simultaneously feed humanity and use ecosystems sustainably, but the conditions that support positive social-ecologicalExpand
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A system dynamics approach to land use changes in agro-pastoral systems on the desert margins of Sahel
Land use changes in the Sahel are influenced by multiple socio-economic and bio-physical driving forces that result in a complex and dynamic land use system. This paper outlines to what extent aExpand
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Land use rationales in desert fringe agriculture
Abstract Population growth has often been suggested to explain field expansion in Sahelian land use systems. Yet recent research increasingly acknowledges that villagers do not necessarily enlargeExpand
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Scientific documentation of crop land changes in the Sahel: A half empty box of knowledge to support policy?
The Sahel has been subject of considerable environmental research and development efforts, specifically since the droughts of the 1970s and 1980s. This article uses a meta-study approach to summarizeExpand
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Adaptation by stealth: climate information use in the Great Lakes region across scales
While there has been considerable focus on understanding barriers to climate information use associated with the character of climate knowledge, individuals’ negative perception of its usability andExpand
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Rapid response flood detection using the MSG geostationary satellite
Abstract A novel technique for the detection of flooded land using satellite data is presented. This new method takes advantage of the high temporal resolution of the Spinning Enhanced Visible andExpand
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Forest contributions to livelihoods in changing agriculture-forest landscapes☆
Forests support the livelihoods of a vast number of people through subsistence use of products, such as food, fodder, and medicinal plants; cash income obtained from sale of products; and moreExpand
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Bridging the practitioner-researcher divide: Indicators to track environmental, economic, and sociocultural sustainability of agricultural commodity production
Abstract Agricultural systems, with their links to human wellbeing, have been at the heart of sustainability debates for decades. But there is only limited agreement among scientists and stakeholdersExpand
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A combination of methods needed to assess the actual use of provisioning ecosystem services
Failure to recognize that potential provisioning ecosystem services are not necessarily collected and used by people may have important consequences for management of land and resources. AccountingExpand
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