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Rate and pattern of weight gain in Indian women from the upper income group during pregnancy and its effect on pregnancy outcome
  • L. Raje, P. Ghugre
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and…
  • 14 May 2012
It can be concluded that adequate maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy is important for adequate weight gain by the mother and can result in better outcome of pregnancy. Expand
A comparison of yields obtained from different types of reactors
The present work discusses the differences and similarities in the yields obtained using batch microautoclave (shaken and stirred), CSTR and CAER 1/8 tpd pilot plant ebullated reactors forExpand
Effect of quantity and quality of proteins on age a t menarche: a study of Maharashtrian girls of 11 to 15years
Girls following a mixed diet had a lower age at menarche by approximately 6 months than the vegetarians and eggetarians (P <0.05). Expand
Age at menarche in urban school-going girls: association between socio-economic status, BMI and physical activity
Age at menarche was found to be influenced by factors such as socioeconomic status, BMI and physical activity, which indicated that taller, heavier girls reachedMenarche earlier than their shorter and lighter peers. Expand
Changes in body composition parameters with duration in type II diabetics: an observational study
In recent years, there is rapid increase of age in developing countries like India, where 5.3% percent of people are above 65 years and is projected to rise above 11.1% by 2025, according to IDF. Expand