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The Singapore Dilemma: The Political and Educational Marginality of the Malay Community
  • L. Rahim
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 11 February 1999
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Abstract Asean's political elites appear to lack the will to pressure the SPDC regime into resolving the political crisis in Burma through democratic means. To better understand Asean's position, theExpand
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Singapore in the Malay World: Building and Breaching Regional Bridges
1. Singapura: Siapa nama kamu? Di-mana awak tinggal? 2. Remembering and Forgetting: Nusantara Malays in the Singaporean National Imagination 3. Competing and Comparable Paradigms of AuthoritarianExpand
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In the wake of the 1997 regional economic crisis, but before 11 September 2001, many Southeast Asian governments were besieged by formidable challenges to their legitimacy These challenges have beenExpand
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In search of the ‘Asian way’: Cultural nationalism in Singapore and Malaysia
Singapore and Malaysia are recognisably Southeast Asia's most impressive economic performers. Their economic achievements have been accompanied by the maintainance of relative political stabilityExpand
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Governing Muslims in Singapore's secular authoritarian state
The governance of Muslims in Singapore has been strongly shaped by the secular authoritarian state's commanding influence over Islamic institutions, such as the main religious bureaucracy MajlisExpand
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Introduction: Authoritarian Governance in Singapore’s Developmental State
This introductory chapter frames Singapore’s socio-economic and political challenges within the context of governance in an authoritarian developmental state at a critical crossroads. A key challengeExpand
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Resistance and Reform
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Reclaiming Singapore's ‘Growth with Equity’ Social Compact
  • L. Rahim
  • Economics
  • Japanese Journal of Political Science
  • 24 April 2015
Abstract Singapore's long-serving People's Action Party (PAP) government suffered from a major electoral setback in the 2011 general election and subsequent by-elections. The high-growth populationExpand
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