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Seasonal plankton variability in Chilean Patagonia fjords: Carbon flow through the pelagic food web of Aysen Fjord and plankton dynamics in the Moraleda Channel basin
Abstract Two research cruises ( CIMAR 13 Fiordos ) were conducted in the N–S oriented macrobasin of the Moraleda Channel (42–47°S), which includes the E–W oriented Puyuhuapi Channel and Aysen Fjord,Expand
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The distribution of chlorophyll- a and dominant planktonic components in the coastal transition zone off Concepción, central Chile, during different oceanographic conditions
Abstract The oceanographic setting and the planktonic distribution in the coastal transition zone off Concepcion (∼35–38°S, ∼73–77°W), an area characterized by its high biological production, wereExpand
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Feeding ecology of dominant larval myctophids in an upwelling area of the Humboldt Current
The feeding of 2 sympatric larval myctophids, Diogenichthys laternatus and Triphoturus mexicanus aff. oculeus, was analyzed in an upwelling area off northern Chile (23° S, 71° W). Diel feedingExpand
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Egg trait variation in anchoveta Engraulis ringens: a maternal response to changing environmental conditions in contrasting spawning habitats
The Engraulis ringens distribution (4 to 42° S) covers a wide variety of environmental conditions. We assessed the coping mechanisms used by this anchoveta in different spawning habi- tats, reportingExpand
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UV radiation effects on the embryos of anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) and common sardine (Strangomera bentincki) off central Chile
It has been proposed that current levels of ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation could cause lethal or sublethal effects on fish embryos located in the upper layers of the water column. Observed levels ofExpand
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Distribution of carnivorous gelatinous zooplankton in the upwelling zone off central Chile (austral spring 2001)
) nearshore,characteristics of upwelling conditions in eastern boundary regions, occurredthroughout the cruise. Two groups of gelatinous carnivorous zooplankton wereidentified associated with theExpand
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Distribution of Pleuroncodes monodon larvae over the continental shelf of south-central Chile: Field and modeling evidence for partial local retention and transport
Abstract In situ and modeled spatial distribution of squat lobster ( Pleuroncodes monodon ) larvae over the continental shelf off south central Chile (35–37°S) was analyzed along with currents andExpand
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Environmental conditions, early life stages distributions and larval feeding of patagonian sprat Sprattus fuegensis and common sardine Strangomera bentincki in fjords and channels of the northern
Abstract We assessed ontogenetic changes in distribution and feeding of the Patagonian sprat Sprattus fuegensis and common sardine Strangomera bentincki , and their association with environmentalExpand
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Modeling transport and survival of anchoveta eggs and yolk–sac larvae in the coastal zone off central-southern Chile: Assessing spatial and temporal spawning parameters
A hydrodynamic model was coupled to an individual-based model (IBM) initialized with conditions observed during 2004 to examine the influence of spatial and temporal spawning parameters on transportExpand
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Massive salp outbreaks in the inner sea of Chiloé Island (Southern Chile): possible causes and ecological consequences
Durante 2010 varias proliferaciones masivas de salpa subantartica, Ihlea magalhanica, fueron registrados en el mar interior de Chiloe (MICh, sur de Chile), que afecto la abundancia de fitoplancton yExpand
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