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The gene teashirt is required for the development of Drosophila embryonic trunk segments and encodes a protein with widely spaced zinc finger motifs
We have discovered a reporter gene insertion that is expressed in the trunk region of Drosophila embryos. Genetic and molecular details of a new regulatory gene neighboring the reporter geneExpand
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The role of the teashirt gene in trunk segmental identity in Drosophila.
The phenotypes of different mutant combinations of teashirt (tsh) and homeotic genes together with their regulatory interactions are described in order to gain insight into tsh gene function. We showExpand
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The spatial expression ofDrosophila rotund gene reveals that the imaginal discs are organized in domains along the proximal-distal axis
SummaryInDrosophila imaginal discs, pattern formation requires the activity of three positional information systems, antero-posterior (A/P), dorso-ventral (D/V) and proximo-distal (P/D). ThreeExpand
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A Drosophila rotund transcript expressed during spermatogenesis and imaginal disc morphogenesis encodes a protein which is similar to human Rac GTPase-activating (racGAP) proteins.
The rotund (rn) locus of Drosophila melanogaster at cytogenetic position 84D3,4 has been isolated and cloned on the basis of the mutant phenotype: an absence of structures in the subdistal regions ofExpand
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