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A glycoprotein inhibitor of pectin methylesterase in kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis).
The finding of a powerful inhibitor of pectin methylesterase in ripe kiwi fruit is reported. The inhibitor was revealed to be a glycoprotein. It was purified to homogeneity and found to have aExpand
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Serine Protease HtrA1 Associates with Microtubules and Inhibits Cell Migration
ABSTRACT HtrA1 belongs to a family of serine proteases found in organisms ranging from bacteria to humans. Bacterial HtrA1 (DegP) is a heat shock-induced protein that behaves as a chaperone at lowExpand
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A glycoprotein inhibitor of pectin methylesterase in kiwi fruit. Purification by affinity chromatography and evidence of a ripening-related precursor.
The pectin methylesterase inhibitor from kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis) was purified by a single-step procedure based on affinity chromatography. Partially purified tomato pectin methylesterase wasExpand
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Methylation Induced Gene Silencing of HtrA3 in Smoking-Related Lung Cancer
Purpose: Some 85% of lung cancers are smoking related. Here, we investigate the role of serine protease HtrA3 in smoking-related lung cancer. Experimental Design: We assess HtrA3 methylation and itsExpand
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Isolation and Characterization of Pectin Methylesterase from Apple Fruit
Two forms of the enzyme pectin methylesterase are evidenced in the apple (Malus communis). They differ both in their charge and molecular weight. The two enzymes were separated by DEAE-celluloseExpand
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Styrene-7,8-oxide activates a complex apoptotic response in neuronal PC12 cell line.
Styrene-7,8-oxide (SO), the major in vivo metabolite of styrene, one of the most important plastic monomers worldwide, is classified as carcinogenic in humans and animals. Although the toxic effectsExpand
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Arachidonic acid metabolites and chloride secretion in rabbit distal colonic mucosa.
The relationships between arachidonic acid (AA) metabolism and chloride secretion were investigated in mucosal preparations of rabbit distal colon. Tissues displayed a significant cyclooxygenaseExpand
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Apoptosis Induced by Piroxicam plus Cisplatin Combined Treatment Is Triggered by p21 in Mesothelioma
Background Malignant mesothelioma (MM) is a rare, highly aggressive tumor, associated to asbestos exposure. To date no chemotherapy regimen for MM has proven to be definitively curative, and newExpand
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Determination of residual pectin methylesterase activity in food products
A method for the determination of a low level of pectin methylesterase activity from vegetable products is described. The method is based on an affinity chromatography technique that employs aExpand
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Analysis of free and esterified ergosterol in tomato products.
A new extraction and chromatographic procedure to quantify free and esterified ergosterol in tomato products was devised. The extraction solution was composed of a dichloromethane/methanol mixture inExpand
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