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A glycoprotein inhibitor of pectin methylesterase in kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis).
Kiwi inhibitor appears to be specific for pectin methylesterase, inasmuch as it was found to be ineffective against other polysaccharide-degrading enzymes, such as polygalacturonase and amylase. Expand
A glycoprotein inhibitor of pectin methylesterase in kiwi fruit. Purification by affinity chromatography and evidence of a ripening-related precursor.
The results showed that the inhibitor is present in the unripe fruit as an inactive precursor with a higher molecular mass and is transformed into the active protein, most likely by proteinase action, during the course of the ripening process. Expand
Serine Protease HtrA1 Associates with Microtubules and Inhibits Cell Migration
The results offer an original identification of HtrA1 as a microtubule-associated protein and provide initial mechanistic insights into the role of HTrA1 in theregulation of cell motility by modulating microtubules stability. Expand
Methylation Induced Gene Silencing of HtrA3 in Smoking-Related Lung Cancer
It is shown for the first time that HtrA3 expression is reduced or completely lost in over 50% of lung cancer cell lines and primary lung tumors from heavy smokers. Expand
Isolation and Characterization of Pectin Methylesterase from Apple Fruit
Two forms of the enzyme pectin methylesterase are evidenced in the apple (Malus communis). They differ both in their charge and molecular weight. The two enzymes were separated by DEAE-celluloseExpand
Styrene-7,8-oxide activates a complex apoptotic response in neuronal PC12 cell line.
Examination of the cytoskeleton showed that SO induced F-actin depolymerization and a rapid cell rounding before caspase-3 activation, suggesting that the changes in cell shape involving cytoskeletal structure are an early step in the apoptotic pathway. Expand
Arachidonic acid metabolites and chloride secretion in rabbit distal colonic mucosa.
Radioimmunological assays showed that PGE2 synthesis was time dependent, plateaued at 10 min, and proceeded at rates 15-20 times over TxB2 and 6-keto-PGF1 alpha, while among the PGs produced by colonic mucosa, only PGE 2 and, to a lower extent, PGF2 alpha were found to stimulate chloride secretion and cAMP synthesis. Expand
Apoptosis Induced by Piroxicam plus Cisplatin Combined Treatment Is Triggered by p21 in Mesothelioma
Piroxicam/cisplatin combined treatment determines an apoptosis increase in MM cells, which is dependent on the p21 expression, and the results provided suggest that piroxo-cisPlatin combination might be tested in clinical settings in tumor specimens that express p21. Expand
Determination of residual pectin methylesterase activity in food products
A method based on an affinity chromatography technique that employs a resin‐bound pectin methylesterase inhibitor, purified from kiwi fruit, which selectively binds the pecting enzyme shows a recovery of 90% with a standard deviation of 6.8%. Expand
Platelet-activating factor regulates cadherin-catenin adhesion system expression and beta-catenin phosphorylation during Kaposi's sarcoma cell motility.
PAF induces tumor cell motility by altering cell-cell adhesion through beta-catenin phosphorylation, which is an important signal responsible for breaking down the adherens junctions and diminishing the ability of neighboring cells to interact. Expand