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Revision of Eucorydia Hebard, 1929 from China, with notes on the genus and species worldwide (Blattodea, Corydioidea, Corydiidae)
Five new species of cockroach from China are described and illustrated and Corydia plagiata Walker, 1868 is confirmed to be a junior synonym of Eucorydia ornata (Saussure, 1864).
Sinolatindia petila gen. n. and sp. n. from China (Blattodea, Corydiidae, Latindiinae)
Describing, illustrations and a distribution map of the new taxon are provided and Comparisons with the type genus Latindia Stål, 1860 and the genus Homopteroidea Shelford, 1906 are given.
Contribution to the cockroach genus Ctenoneura Hanitsch, 1925 (Blattodea: Corydioidea: Corydiidae) with descriptions of seven new species from China.
Seven new species of Ctenoneura Hanitsch, 1925 are described from Hainan and Yunnan, China and male genitalia of this genus is described and illustrated for the first time and is found to lack any genital hook.
A New Species of Dima (Coleoptera: Elateridae: Dimini), with a Checklist and Identification Key to the Chinese Species
This species is described from Zhejiang, China and differs from its congeners from mainland China and Taiwan by the coloration, length ratio of the basal antennomeres, relatively longer elytra, and shape of male genitalia.
Contributions to some Corydiinae genera (Blattodea: Corydioidea: Corydiidae) from China
A key to Chinese Corydiinae genera is provided as well as checklists for extant Polyphaga and Ergaula and the occurrence of two species ofPolyphaga Brullé, P. plancyi Bolívar and P. obscura Chopard, in China are confirmed.
A taxonomic study of Eupolyphaga Chopard, 1929 (Blattodea: Corydiidae: Corydiinae).
The cockroach genus Eupolyphaga is revised, with twenty species and two subspecies recognized, with thirteen species and three subspecies new to science, and male genitalia of species in the genus described and illustrated.
New and little known Latindiinae (Blattodea, Corydiidae) from China, with discussion of the Asian genera and species
A new Latindiinae, Brachylatindia xuigen, is described and illustrated from Tibet, China and the new genus Beybienkonusgen.