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Preparation of chitosan-gelatin hybrid scaffolds with well-organized microstructures for hepatic tissue engineering.
A novel fabrication process is developed to create chitosan-gelatin hybrid scaffolds with well-organized architectures and highly porous structures by combining rapid prototyping, microreplication and freeze-drying techniques, which have excellent properties of hydrophilicity and biodegradability. Expand
Fabrication and characterization of chitosan/gelatin porous scaffolds with predefined internal microstructures
The fabrication process for a novel three-dimensional (3D) chitosan/gelatin scaffold with predefined multilevel internal architectures and highly porous structures is presented combining solidExpand
Postoperative programmed muscle tension augmented osteotendinous junction repair.
The postoperative programmed FES-induced muscle tension was favorable for acceleration of osteotendinous junction repair and therefore recommended for clinical trails in orthopedic sports medicine and rehabilitation. Expand
A delayed bone–tendon junction healing model established for potential treatment of related sports injuries
A delayed B–T healing experimental model was established for the first time for future sports medicine research and showed consistent delay in osteogenesis at the healing interface in all samples in the delayed healing group. Expand
The Research of Technique on Fabricating Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Based on Stereo-lithography
Based on stereo-lithography, the polyacrylamide hydrogel scaffolds with controlled accurate internal structures were fabricated. The structure accuracy of the scaffolds was evaluated by the sizeExpand
Mechanical Performance of Chitosan Fiber/Calcium Phosphate Cement Composite for Artificial Bone
Chitosan fiber(CF)as reinforcement to improve the mechanical properties of calcium phosphate cement(CPC)is presented,while CF/CPC composite artificial bone with concentric fiber structure that mimicsExpand
Direct fabrication process of ceramics based on stereolithography
This paper presents a novel direct ceramic shaping process-ceramic stereolithography by applying stereolithography in the ceramic shaping process.Through investigation based on experiments,it wereExpand
Curative effect of structural bone grafting with extension stem for reconstructing tibial bone defect in primary total knee arthroplasty
In primary TKA autologous bone graft combined with bone structure extension stem repair severe tibial bone defect, rebuild the stability of the knee joint, early clinical curative effect is satisfying. Expand
Hierarchical Structure of Articular Bone‐Cartilage Interface and Its Potential Application for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering
The artificial biodegradable osteochondral construct is one of mostly promising lifetime substitute in the joint replacement. And the complex hierarchical structure of natural joint is important inExpand
Repair of cancellous bone defects using bionic microstructure artificial bone in dogs
Objective To design a new reliable animal model of cancellous bone defect and as- sess the positive influence of fibor-reinforced composite artificial hone with bionic structure on osteogene-Expand