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New keratinophilic species of Chrysosporium
Two new keratinophilic species, Chrysosporium europae and C.mephiticum, are described and illustrated. The differences between these and other similar species are discussed.
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Keratinomyces ceretanicus sp. nov., a psychrophilic dermatophyte from soil
Keratinomyces ceretanicus, a new species with psychrophilic properties, is described. The macroconidia are narrowly fusiform, usually 11-14-celled and thin-walled. No microconidia are produced. TwoExpand
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Distribution of Mating Types of the “Microsporum gypseum Complex” in Spanish Soils
Summary: The distribution of mating types of 35 strains of the “Microsporum gypseum complex” has been studied in Catalonian soils (Spain). 45.7% of the checked isolates produce fertile ascocarps whenExpand
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Low Power Laser Radiation does not Alter the Trychophyton/Mentagrophytes (FMR 771) in Vitro
Mycoses can be clinically divided into superficial and deep mycosis.1 The former is limited to the skin and surrounding areas, without implying any risk to the patient’s life, whereas deep mycosis isExpand
Arthric conidiogenesis in Malbranchea arcuata
Conidial development in Malbranchea arcuata was studied by TEM and SEM, and details of double septum formation and disarticulation, and conidial wall ultrastructure are presented. Chains of alternateExpand
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