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Preparation, characterization, and in vitro degradation of bioresorbable and bioactive composites based on Bioglass-filled polylactide foams.
Highly porous poly(D,L-lactide)/Bioglass composites scaffolds were prepared by thermally induced phase separation process of polymer solutions and subsequent solvent sublimation. A series ofExpand
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Porous poly(alpha-hydroxyacid)/Bioglass composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. I: Preparation and in vitro characterisation.
Highly porous composites scaffolds of poly-D,L-lactide (PDLLA) and poly(lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) containing different amounts (10, 25 and 50 wt%) of bioactive glass (45S5 Bioglass)were preparedExpand
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New amphiphilic lactic acid oligomer-hyaluronan conjugates: synthesis and physicochemical characterization.
The "grafting onto" strategy was used to conjugate DL-lactic acid oligomers (OLA) to hyaluronan (HA) for the sake of developing novel degradable HA-based self-assembling polymeric systems. GraftingExpand
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Pneumatic tire having a dual layer tread