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Processing and Performance Characteristics of Aluminum-Nano Boron Carbide Metal Matrix Nanocomposites
In this research work, ultrasonic cavitation-assisted casting process was used to fabricate the aluminum alloy-nano boron carbide metal matrix nanocomposites. The optical microscopy results revealedExpand
Preparation of SiC Nano-particulates Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites by High Intensity Ultrasonic Cavitation Process
The present investigation attempts to evaluate the effect of high intensity ultrasonic cavitation on dispersing the SiC nanoparticles in aluminum 6061 melt. Aluminum melt with various volumeExpand
Characterization of Hybrid Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide Nanoparticles-Reinforced Aluminum Alloy Composites☆
Abstract Hybrid nanocomposites based on aluminum alloy 6061 reinforced with different hybrid ratios of SiC (0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 vol. %) and B4C (fixed 0.5 vol. %) nanoparticles were successfullyExpand
Synthesis and machining characterization of ultrasonication assisted stir cast SiCp reinforced aluminum nanocomposites
Abstract Nano ceramic particulates reinforced metal nanocomposite materials have shown tremendous potential in different fields of engineering due to their high wear resistance, thermal stability andExpand
Development of AA6061/SiCp Metal Matrix Composites by Conventional Stir Casting and Ultrasonic Assisted Casting Routes – A Comparative Study
The major problem associated with the fabrication of cast metal matrix composites is the agglomeration tendency of the particles in the metal matrix. The agglomeration of the particles in the metalExpand
A decision making trial and evaluation laboratory approach to analyse the challenges to environmentally sustainable manufacturing in Indian automobile industry
Abstract Due to growing affluence among the general population, there has been a steady rise in consumerism levels in developing countries like India. As a result, the automobile industry has grownExpand
Ultrasonication Assisted Casting of Bulk Aluminum Metal Nanocomposites
Nanoparticulates reinforced aluminum metal nanocomposites are prospective materials for aerospace, automobile, sports, and marine industries because of their superior strength to weight ratio andExpand
Upshot of Ultrasonic Amplitude on Developing the AA6061/SiC Metal Matrix Nanocomposites
In this work, AA6061/1.25 vol. % SiCp metal matrix nanocomposites (MMNCs) were fabricated using the ultrasonic cavitation assisted casting process. To investigate the effect of ultrasonic amplitudesExpand
Effect of Magnesium Addition on Processing the Al-0.8 Mg-0.7 Si/SiCp Metal Matrix Composites
Metal matrix composites (MMCs) play a vital role in today’s engineering industries. Stir casting is one of the most inexpensive methods for the production of particulate reinforced metal matrixExpand
Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Integrity Studies on the Aluminium Nanocomposite
Nanoparticles such as SiC and B4C are popularly used as reinforcement in the AMMCs. Nanoparticles are majorly hindering the implementation of conventional machining. In addition, the profile andExpand