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Pattern synthesis in time-modulated linear arrays through pulse shifting
In this study, an innovative approach for the synthesis of time-modulated linear array (TMLA) antennas is presented. The switch-on instants of the time-modulated elements are taken into account asExpand
Maximum Efficiency Beam Synthesis of Radiating Planar Arrays for Wireless Power Transmission
The synthesis of radiating planar arrays for wireless power transmission (WPT) is discussed. The objective is the maximization of the ratio between the power radiated on a target area and the totalExpand
Handling Sideband Radiations in Time-Modulated Arrays Through Particle Swarm Optimization
The minimization of the power losses in time-modulated arrays is addressed by means of a suitable strategy based on particle swarm optimization. Expand
Harmonic Beamforming in Time-Modulated Linear Arrays
In this paper, the synthesis of simultaneous multibeams through time-modulated linear arrays is studied by means of an optimization strategy based on the Particle Swarm algorithm. Expand
Microwave Imaging Within the First-Order Born Approximation by Means of the Contrast-Field Bayesian Compressive Sensing
A new approach based the contrast field (CF) formulation of the microwave imaging problem that exploits the Bayesian compressive sampling (BCS) paradigm is proposed for the reconstruction of sparseExpand
Time modulated planar arrays - Analysis and optimisation of the sideband radiations
In this study, the minimisation of the power losses because of undesired sideband radiations in time-modulated planar arrays is dealt with. A closed-form expression for evaluating the total powerExpand
Bayesian Compressive Sensing Approaches for the Reconstruction of Two-Dimensional Sparse Scatterers Under TE Illuminations
In this paper, the reconstruction of sparse scatterers under multiview transverse-electric illumination is dealt with. Expand
Adaptive Nulling in Time-Varying Scenarios Through Time-Modulated Linear Arrays
Unlike classical phased arrays, a key feature of time-modulated arrays (TMAs) is the ability to easily reconfigure the radiation pattern just modifying the pulse sequence that modulates the staticExpand
Failure correction in time-modulated linear arrays
A technique for failure correction in time-modulated linear arrays is presented. Starting from the knowledge of the array elements with failures, the on-off behaviour of the switches at the otherExpand
MT – BCS-Based Microwave Imaging Approach Through Minimum-Norm Current Expansion
An innovative three-step technique based on the multi-task Bayesian compressive sensing (MT - BCS) strategy is introduced to image 2D-sparse dielectric profiles. Expand