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Studies of the thermodynamics and nature of interaction between serum albumin and penicillins.
Thermodynamic characteristics of interaction of 10 penicillins and methyl orange with primary and secondary binding sites of bovine serum albumin have been obtained using the calorimetric technique and the data show that hydrogen bonds between the component parts of the complexes studied are absent. Expand
Pharmacological activity and distribution in vivo fo paramagnetic models of some psychotropic compounds.
The pharmacological action of paramagnetic models of psychotropic compounds 1-oxyl-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4(β-aminoethyl piperidine) and of their derivatives has been studied by the ESR method, finding that compounds (I) cause incorrect behavior in mice and (III) have a pronounced sedative action. Expand
Statistical investigation of large volumes of data with respect to the biological activity of compounds III. Selection of a determinant for predicting biological activity
In p reced ing a r t i c l e s of the p re sen t s e r i e s , the pr inc ip les were p resen ted for cons t ruc t ion of a data bank for b iological ly act ive compounds containing informat ion onExpand
Spin and magnetic effects in biological systems are the privilege of membrane phospholipids
Magnetic heterogeneity of biological systems.
In connection with the fact that sensitivity to gravity in plants is coupled with a disturbance of the intracellular starch granules under the influence of gravity, certain problems of stimulating the effect of gravity on plants by magnetic forces were studied. Expand
Dyes with Properties of Modulators of Redox Processes As Potential Immunotropic Agents
We performed an analysis of the biological activity of dyes possessing certain redox potential. This provided a theoretical basis for the development of a new trend in pharmacology. We demonstrateExpand
Metabolic “In VivoDesigning” of Tumors at the Levels of an Organism and Population under Conditions of Individual Genetic Predisposition: Communication I
The idea of “metabolic ethnic oncological data register” of a population is suggested to assess the genetical predisposition to tumors in various ethnic groups by determining the “starting conditions’ of enzyme systems responsible for the metabolism of chemical carcinogens. Expand
Laser Correlation Spectroscopy of Macromolecular Complexes in Blood Serum as an Effective Method of Monitoring the Progress of Bronchial Asthma in Children
To increase the efficacy of the pharmacotherapy of bronchial asthma, innovative studies on both pathological and adaptive molecular mechanisms with the use of recent advances in science and technology are necessary. Expand
Acoustic microscopy for tissue characterization.