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Giemsa C-banding of potato chromosomes
An air-drying technique was developed that provided well-spread somatic metaphases of the potato Solanum tuberosum. With Giemsa C-banding, the individual chromosomes (x = 12) could be identified.Expand
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Zebrafish chromosome banding.
Banding techniques were carried out on metaphase chromosomes of zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. The karyotypes with the longest chromosomes consist of 12 metacentrics, 26 submetacentrics, and 12Expand
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Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of an amylose-free starch mutant of the potato
SummaryThe amylose-free (amf) potato mutant 86.040 has been characterized phenotypically and genotypically. Not only storage starch in tubers and metabolic starch in leaves but also starch in cellsExpand
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In situ hybridization to somatic metaphase chromosomes of potato
SummaryAn in situ hybridization procedure was developed for mitotic potato chromosomes by using a potato 24S rDNA probe. This repetitive sequence hybridized to the nucleolar organizer region (NOR) ofExpand
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Cytological Investigations On the Male Reproductive System and the Sperm Track in the Spider Mite Tetranychus Urticae Koch (Tetranychidae, Acarina)
The post-embryonic development of the male internal genitalia, the development and production of the male germ cells, and the sperm track in the female of the two-spotted spider mite TetranychusExpand
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Automictic parthenogenesis and its genetic consequence in Bacillus atticus atticus (Insecta Phasmatodea)
Summary The meiotic divisions in the eggs of the diploid thelytokous stick insect Bacillus atticus atticus (2n=34 or 33) were examined in Feulgen squashes. The reduction division is normal andExpand
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Automictic parthenogenesis in the stick insectBacillus rossius Rossi (Cheleutoptera, phasmidae)
The process which restores the zygoid number of chromosomes in the thelytokously parthenogenetic stick insectBacillus rossius Rossi, is described. During the first 15 days after ovipositionExpand
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Effects of x-rays on different meiotic stages of oocytes in the parthenogenetic stick insect carausius morosus Br.
Abstract The abdomens of adult females of the parthenogenetic stick insect Carausius morosus were exposed to X-rays up to 4000 R. Adult lifespan, ovariole structure and egg production were affectedExpand
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