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Consistency of maximum-likelihood and variational estimators in the Stochastic Block Model
The stochastic block model (SBM) is a probabilistic model de- signed to describe heterogeneous directed and undirected graphs. In this paper, we address the asymptotic inference on SBM by use ofExpand
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A semi-parametric approach for mixture models: Application to local false discovery rate estimation
A procedure to estimate a two-component mixture model where one component is known is proposed. The unknown part is estimated with a weighted kernel function. The weights are defined in an adaptiveExpand
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The Rational Index of the Dyck Language D'*-1
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Intégration du comportement thermomécanique des pièces dans l'analyse des spécifications géométriques : application à une turbine de moteur d'hélicoptère
La performance d'un moteur d'helicoptere est fortement correlee a la performance de la turbine haute pression, et plus particulierement a l'influence des differents composants constitutifs. LeExpand
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The Energy Management Adviser at EDF
The EMA (Energy Management Adviser) aims to produce personalised energy saving advice for EDF's customers. The advice takes the form of one or more 'tips', and personalisation is achieved usingExpand
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Integration of thermomechanical strains into tolerancing analysis
To improve the performance of a helicopter turboshaft engine requires optimising the energy yield of the different components, and more particularly controlling clearance between the tips of the highExpand
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Rational Indexes of Generators of the Cone of Context-Free Languages
  • L. Pierre
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 30 March 1992
The rational index ϱL of a non-empty language L is a non-decreasing function fromN∗ into N, whose asymptotic behavior can be used to classify languages. The rational index behaves well when combinedExpand
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Twelve sublattice ordered phase in the J 1 − J 2 model on the kagomé lattice
Motivated by recent experiments on an $S=1∕2$ antiferromagnet on the kagom\'e lattice, we investigate the Heisenberg ${J}_{1}\ensuremath{-}{J}_{2}$ model with ferromagnetic ${J}_{1}$ andExpand
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Model for heterogeneous random networks using continuous latent variables and an application to a tree-fungus network.
The mixture model is a method of choice for modeling heterogeneous random graphs, because it contains most of the known structures of heterogeneity: hubs, hierarchical structures, or communityExpand
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Rational Index of Context-Free Languages in exp Theta(p root n) and n^(Theta((ln n)^(1/p)))
There are many ways to measure the complexity of languages. Rational index, introduced by Boasson and Nivat in [3], is one of them and behaves well when combined with rational transductions: if L⩾L'Expand
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