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Antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides in SiO2‐Si multilayer structures
A new type of optical waveguide utilizing an antiresonant reflector is described. Implementation in the SiO2‐Si system gave losses as low as 0.4 dB/cm for the TE mode. The TM mode loss is >60 dB/cm,Expand
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Evidence for a new dissipationless effect in 2D electronic transport.
In an ultraclean 2D electron system (2DES) subjected to crossed millimeterwave (30-150 GHz) and weak (B<2 kG) magnetic fields, a series of apparently dissipationless states emerges as the system isExpand
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Fractional quantum Hall effect of composite fermions.
In a GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well of density 1 x 10(11) cm(-2) we observed a fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) at nu = 4/11 and 5/13, and weaker states at nu = 6/17, 4/13, 5/17, and 7/11. TheseExpand
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Resonantly enhanced tunneling in a double layer quantum hall ferromagnet.
The tunneling conductance between two parallel 2D electron systems has been measured in a regime of strong interlayer Coulomb correlations. At total Landau level filling nuT=1 the tunnel spectrumExpand
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Quasi-Particle Properties from Tunneling in the v = 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall State
Quasi-particles with fractional charge and statistics, as well as modified Coulomb interactions, exist in a two-dimensional electron system in the fractional quantum Hall (FQH) regime. TheoreticalExpand
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Near-Field Spectroscopy of the Quantum Constituents of a Luminescent System
Luminescent centers with sharp (<0.07 millielectron volt), spectrally distinct emission lines were imaged in a GaAs/AIGaAs quantum well by means of low-temperature near-field scanning opticalExpand
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Terahertz near-field microscopy based on a collection mode detector
We report on the development of a collection mode near-field probe for the terahertz spectral range. The near-field detector is based on an aperture type probe with dimensions of 30×30 μm2. TheExpand
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High frequency conductivity of the high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas
We measure the real and imaginary conductivity sigma(k = 0,omega) of a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) system at frequencies below and above the momentum scattering rate. TheExpand
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Observation of a linearly dispersing collective mode in a quantum hall ferromagnet.
Double-layer two-dimensional electron systems can exhibit a fascinating collective phase believed to display both quantum ferromagnetism and excitonic superfluidity. This unusual phase has recentlyExpand
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Quasiparticle Tunneling in the Fractional Quantum Hall State at \nu = 5/2
Theory predicts that quasiparticle tunneling between the counter-propagating edges in a fractional quantum Hall state can be used to measure the effective quasiparticle charge e* and dimensionlessExpand
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