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Do children with developmental dyslexia have an implicit learning deficit?
The children with DD were impaired on both implicit learning tasks, suggesting that the learning deficit observed in dyslexia does not depend on the material to be learned but on the implicit nature of the learning that characterises the tasks.
Cerebellum and procedural learning: evidence from focal cerebellar lesions.
Cerebellar lesions induce specific impairment in the procedural learning of a motor sequence and suggest a role of the cerebellar circuitry in detecting and recognizing event sequences.
A century of cerebellar somatotopy: a debated representation
The existence of functional localization within the cerebellum was advanced exactly one century ago by both comparative anatomical and physiological studies. Here, we will discuss how models of
Dopamine neuronal loss contributes to memory and reward dysfunction in a model of Alzheimer's disease
It is concluded that in this mouse model of AD, degeneration of VTA DAergic neurons at pre-plaque stages contributes to memory deficits and dysfunction of reward processing.
Visuospatial abilities in cerebellar disorders
The results indicate that lesions of the cerebellar circuits affect visuospatial ability and the ability to rotate objects mentally is a possible functional substrate of the observed deficits.