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Dietary zinc oxide in weaned pigs--effects on performance, tissue concentrations, morphology, neutrophil functions and faecal microflora.
Dietary supplementation with 2500 ppm ZnO for up to two weeks after weaning appears to be potentially beneficial in the prevention of postweaning diarrhoea in pigs. Expand
Reduced cadmium levels in human kidney cortex in sweden.
A decrease in tobacco smoking in Sweden during the last decades is not the only explanation for the reduction of cadmium in the kidney cortex, and other reasons for this reduction could be changes in dietary habits and reduced Cadmium contamination from Swedish industries. Expand
Changes in some Blood Micronutrients, Leukocytes and Neutrophil Expression of Adhesion Molecules in Periparturient Dairy Cows
Changes in blood levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements were mainly in response to colostrum formation, changes in dry matter intake, and ruminal metabolism around calving, and might have negative implications for the functions of the immune defence. Expand
Selection of operating conditions and analytical procedure in multi-metal analysis of animal tissues by d.c. plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy
Abstract In order to expand the analytical capacity and achieve better utilization of tissue materials (liver, kidney, etc.) so as to assess the degrees of environmental pollution, a method forExpand
Prediction of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc Status of Periparturient Dairy Cows Using Blood Sampling During the Mid Dry Period
The data indicate that a mid dry period concentration of ≥5.4 mg/l of S-vit E and ≥0.09 mg/L of P-Se will result in a 90% chance that the cow stays above marginal levels at calving given that a feed of the same quality is offered. Expand
Lead Poisoning in Woodpeckers in Sweden
Lead poisoning was demonstrated in two gray-headed woodpeckers (Picus canus) and one white-backed woodpecker (Dendrocopus leucotos) in Sweden; they had liver lead levels between 9.4 and 26.2 mg−1 wetExpand
Cerebellar Abiotrophy in a Moose (Alces alces L) Related to Copper Deficiency. A Case report
During december 1992 a moose cow with severely incoordinated and atactic movements was observed at several occasions in an area 20 km north of Uppsala. She was followed by a calf with normalExpand
Aluminium, citrate and shell-repair. Effects on the distribution of metals in the snail Helix pomatia L.
It is concluded that citrate diminishes the deleterious effects of Al on the repair process and that a decreased weight of the repair membrane is associated with a high concentration of Al in the mantle. Expand
Simultaneous multi-element determination of selected elements in dog urine by direct current plasma-atomic emission spectrometry.
DCP atomic emission spectrometry is successfully applied for simultaneous multi-element determination of trace- and minor elements in urine and is generally in agreement with the certified values. Expand