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Building Rich Web Applications with Ajax
Looks at how developers are going back to the future by building Web applications using Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), a set of technologies mostly developed in the 1990s. A key advantage ofExpand
Services Science: A New Field for Today's Economy
  • L. Paulson
  • Computer Science, Sociology
  • Computer
  • 1 August 2006
Services science is interested in both relatively simple service businesses such as fast-food restaurants and more sophisticated operations such as healthcare companies, and calls on the resources of social sciences such as psychology and sociology, as well as anthropology, to provide useful information about the way people and groups work and interact. Expand
Developers shift to dynamic programming languages
Developers want to shed unneeded complexity and outdated methodologies and move to approaches that focus on making programming simpler and faster, with this in mind, many developers are increasingly using dynamic languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python, and Ruby. Expand
Wanted: More Network-Security Graduates and Research
The rash of viruses, intrusions, has focused considerable attention on network security in the US. At the same time, experts say the US is not spending enough on network-security research andExpand
Computer System, Heal Thyself
The article looks at the eLiza project and autonomic-computing projects from IBM including Active Memory system and Blue Gene project, as well as ONE and N1 from Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard's Superdome high-end Unix server and Blue Ocean Software's Track-It!. Expand
Stopping Intruders Outside the Gates
The paper discusses the intrusion prevention market, and there appears to be demand for the technology, and this has inspired participation by numerous vendors and predictions of increased sales. Expand
Will Ultrawideband Technology Connect in the Marketplace?
Companies and individuals are using an increasing number of computers, peripherals, mobile devices, consumer electronics, and other machines in their offices or houses. For convenience, many usersExpand
Will hard drives finally stop shrinking?
The technology for shrinking disk technology has reached its limit and companies that want to shrink their devices further may have to turn to flash memory or other types of smaller storage. Expand
Taking a graphical approach to the password
Graphical passwords might work in isolated scenarios but not in the mass market, and the necessary training and user support for the new approach are expensive, said Marc Boroditsky, CEO of Passlogix, a computer-security firm that offers graphical- passwords. Expand