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Enhanced Phagocytosis of Salmonella enteritidis with Hypoagglutinating Mouse Antisera
It has been well documented that in humans a typhoid infection due to Salmonella typhosa is accompanied by the formation of serum antibodies which will agglutinate the bacteria in vitro. FurthermoreExpand
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Sublethal Total Body X-Radiation and Susceptibility of Mice to Salmonella enteritidis and Escherichia coli. ∗
Summary 1. Mice were challenged intraperitoneally with S. enteritidis over a 30-day period following exposure to 50-350 r whole body X-radiation. A very marked increase in susceptibility to infectionExpand
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The effect of sublethal whole-body x-radiation on active immunity.
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Protective Effect of Spleen Shielding on Susceptibility of Irradiated Mice to Escherichia coli. ∗
Summary Shielding of spleen in animals during irradiation protected them from subsequent infection with E. coll. Sixty-six per cent of the dying irradiated-infeeted animals succumbed within 48 hours,Expand
Arkansas Butterflies and Skippers
Since 1955 the writer has been compiling information on Arkansas butterflies and skippers. A list of species is presented from data obtained from personal collecting, extensive contactsExpand
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