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Twin migration in Fe-based bcc crystals: theory and experiments
We establish an overall energy expression to determine the twin migration stress in bcc metals. Twin migration succeeds twin nucleation often after a load drop, and a model to establish twinExpand
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Twin nucleation and migration in FeCr single crystals
Abstract Tension and compression experiments were conducted on body-centered cubic Fe -47.8 at pct. Cr single crystals. The critical resolved shear stress (CRSS) magnitudes for slip nucleation, twinExpand
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Molecular dynamics modeling of NiTi superelasticity in presence of nanoprecipitates
Abstract The presence of nano-sized coherent precipitates is well known to have crucial impact on the mechanical behaviors of a broad class of superelastic alloys. As a representative material, theExpand
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Shape memory behavior in Fe3Al-modeling and experiments
The Fe3Al alloy with D03 structure exhibits large recoverable strains due to reversible slips. Tension and compression experiments were conducted on single crystals of Fe3Al, and the onset of slip inExpand
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Shape memory strains and temperatures in the extreme
It is well known that the achievement of high transformation strains in shape memory alloys (SMAs) has been curtailed by plastic deformation mediated via dislocation slip. In particular, theExpand
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Slip transmission in bcc FeCr polycrystal
Abstract Grain boundaries induce heterogeneities in the deformation response of polycrystals. Studying these local variations in response, measured through high resolution strain measurementExpand
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Microscopic Analysis of Fatigue Damage Accumulation in TiAl Intermetallics
In order to design efficient and light components for the aircraft industry preserving the safety of the design, more sophisticated design criteria are required for the application of new materials.Expand
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Shape memory functionality under multi-cycles in NiTiHf
Abstract The functionality of NiTiHf (25%Hf) shape memory alloy (SMA) was studied under isobaric temperature cycling experiments. Both the local and overall strains, determined with digital imageExpand
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High-temperature superelasticity of Ni50.6Ti24.4Hf25.0 shape memory alloy
Changes in transformation temperatures and high-temperature mechanical behavior of the new Ni50.6Ti34.4Hf25.0 alloy were determined after selected aging treatments. Differential scanning calorimetryExpand
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