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Fatigue Crack Growth Fundamentals in Shape Memory Alloys
In this study, based on a regression of the crack tip displacements, the stress intensity range in fatigue is quantitatively determined for the shape memory alloy Ni2FeGa. The results are compared to
Twin migration in Fe-based bcc crystals: theory and experiments
We establish an overall energy expression to determine the twin migration stress in bcc metals. Twin migration succeeds twin nucleation often after a load drop, and a model to establish twin
Fatigue Sensitivity to Small Defects of a Gamma–Titanium–Aluminide Alloy
The fatigue properties of a Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb alloy obtained by electron-beam melting (EBM) with a patented process has been examined by conducting high cycle fatigue tests performed at different R
Twin nucleation in Fe-based bcc alloys - Modeling and experiments
We develop an analytical expression for twin nucleation stress in bcc metal and alloys considering generalized planar fault energy and the dislocations bounding the twin nucleus. We minimize the