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Some exact solutions of string cosmology in Bianchi III space-time
Following the techniques used by Letelier and Stachel some exact Bianchi III cosmological solutions of massive strings in the presence of magnetic field are obtained and their physical features areExpand
Some Bianchi type VI 0 viscous fluid cosmological models
The Einstein field equations have been solved for Bianchi type VI 0 spacetimes with viscous fluid source. Four cosmological models are derived. They have nonzero expansion and shear. One of them haveExpand
Radiating Kerr metric
A nonstatic solution of Einstein's equations corresponding to a field of flowing radiation is presented. The solution is algebraically special and contains two shear-free geodetic null congruences.Expand
Singularity Free Inhomogeneous Cosmological Stiff Fluid Models
We present a singularity free class of inhomogeneous cylindrical universes filled with stiff perfect fluid $(\rho = p)$. Its matter free $ (\rho = 0)$ limit yield two distinct vacuum spacetimes whichExpand
A simple magnetic universe.
A class of stationary rotating string cosmological models
We obtain a one parameter class of stationary rotating string cosmological models of which the well-known Gödel universe is a particular case. By suitably choosing the free parameter function, it isExpand
Some exact solutions in Bianchi VI0 string cosmology
Following the techniques used by Letelier and Stachel some new physically relevant explicit Bianchi VI0 solutions of string cosmology with magnetic field are reported. They include two modelsExpand
Inhomogeneous cosmological models with heat flux
We present a general class of inhomogeneous cosmological models filled with non-thermalized perfect fluid by assuming that the background spacetime admits two space-like commuting Killing vectors andExpand
On Singularity Free Cosmological Models
In 1990 Senovilla$^1$ obtained an interestisng cosmological solution of Einstein's equations that was free of the big-bang singularity. It represented an inhomogeneous and anisotropic cylindricalExpand
On the Kerr–Newman metric in cosmological background
Using the method of null tetrad, the Kerr–Newman metric in the background of the Robertson–Walker universe is derived in terms of a metric that is conformal to a generalized Kerr–Schild metric. A newExpand